Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 11 July 2023

Colleges in America are Being Hit by the Rainbow Stick of Political Correctness, and it’s Destroying Education

Since 2010, several thousand colleges around the U.S. have been closing / merging with bigger schools. Today, it is fair to say that COVID lock down was a serious financial blow to many schools across North America, and the damages are still being felt even today by both students and colleges themselves as multiple institutions have closed or are scheduled to soon. 140 year old Alliance University, formerly Nyack College, is shutting down due to loss in accreditation. Note, that Nyack was a Christian schools, and had a very diverse student population with over 60% being non-White. Presentation College in South Dakota, announced its closure early 2023 due to risings costs and lower enrollment, and 90-year-old North Idaho College, is on what could be call as accreditation probation. During that time, college officials must convince the Northwest commission to approve long term accreditation. So it doesn’t matter how long the school has been around, or even how much money they have because all of that can instantly vanish due to a loss of accreditation or economic catastrophe like lock down. Imagine if the United States enters into another world war with eastern powers like Russia or China. Colleges would be left no choice but to drop their standards to point where they will accept anyone with a pulse if they want to survive.

This presents a problem to both current students and parents concerned about their children’s education. It is very likely that alternative schools will emerge in the private sector that offer technical skill-specific training and focus on job getting certifications rather than giving a well-rounded education like colleges do. However, there are pros and cons to this. The good is that many of these special-focus schools may very well indeed provide good education and make students proficient in whatever it is they wish to learn. The bad news is that there is no guarantee, and it is almost certainly unlikely, that employers will accept degrees / diplomas from such schools. Or they would offer entry-level employment at a caveat with virtually zero chance of advancing to a higher position.

But, do not forget the politically motivated attacks against schools. One of the first things New York mayor Bill De Blasio did was go after charter schools due to his personal vendetta against them. They were one of the few who stood up to his corruption, and despite many NY schools were plummeting, they were thriving.

Ocean County College in New Jersey, received a warning about non-compliance for Standard Vll from the Middle States Commission. on Higher Education. Usually, most schools rectify any non-compliance issues and meet full accreditation around a year later. However, it is rare for a community college to be given such a warning. College officials reported that the school will address it immediately and are confident in meeting the requirement. Still, it is very strange that despite meeting all the other Standards, especially the important ones that matter such as quality of education its development, the college received a warning about Standard Vll.

Upon investigating the Middle States Commission’s Standards, there is heavy emphasis on “diversity, equity, and inclusion”. In fact, this is mandatory for nearly all Standards –


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Guiding Principle 3

Throughout the seven standards, institutions should reflect deeply and share results on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the context of their mission by considering at a minimum: goals and actions (Standard I); demographics and policies or processes (Standard II and VII); curriculum and services (Standard III and IV); assessments (Standard V); and resource allocation (Standard VI). One goal of DEI reflection would be to address disparate impacts on an increasingly diverse student population if discovered. Throughout the standards, institutions define DEI and populations and follow best practices with attention to data integrity and security.


So basically, what this means is schools are expected to radically transform into a politically correct hub to indoctrinate students with ideology rather than giving them an adequate education. This is about gaining a monopoly over education in America. The plan is to shut down or morph smaller / private schools and community colleges that help a lot of students save money while giving the same quality education that they would receive at a much more expensive four-year university.

Community colleges enables students to complete two years of course work which they can transfer to four-year schools should they wish, and the state law requires four-year schools honor all applicable credits from community colleges that meet standards. Some state schools have even formed partnerships to further guarantee this and make the transition smoother. However, some schools, like Rutgers, do not accept credits for certain courses depending on the degree when other four-year universities do. If students want a degree from them, they would have to pretty much complete all, or most of, their coursework at Rutgers.

This sort of academic arrogance is going to spread, because the plan is to centralize education. Expect to see more college shut downs due to loss of accreditation for some stupid reason, and / or loss of enrollment since more and more students are opting out of four-year degrees. Education will become centralized where only ivy league schools and big-name state schools will dominant the industry. Their standards will drop significantly so they can take in anybody and make more money. This will further drive the country down the rabbit-hole of stupidity. Classes will have a thousand students, if not more, and college faculty and staff will be stripped to the bare minimum.

Students will be taught nonsense, and should a student not comply, they will be expelled from college destroying their career.

Accreditation is needed in order for students to receive financial aid, and accrediting bodies, who have no accountability, are wielding absolute power over institutions of education which is unconstitutional. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, however, refuses to bow down, and is suing both the U.S. Education Department and the Biden Administration for their corrupt accreditation laws. DeSantis stated at a June 22, 2023 Tampa event, “Within the next couple of years, I think we’re going to see this accreditation cartel basically come crumbling down and more freedom in higher education reigning supreme.”

Still, what we are seeing is a hijacking of the American education system by politically motivated entities who want to force their sick perverted philosophy onto the new generations.

There will likely be backlash from the Republican / Conservative parties with many like for school principle Mandy Davis, choosing to home-school their kids, or forming new colleges with curriculum that align with their value. But this would further divide the already polarized United States which thus makes it more vulnerable for foreign invasion.

This is what I warned about several years ago in my books COLLEGE EXPOSED, and The RU Screw which detailed the problems with American education morphing into a cesspit of cheaply produced mass indoctrination that is aimed at making students complacent and good obedient employees.

Students should rethink their academic pursuits before making any commitment.

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