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Why the ‘Yellow’ Fake Vaccine Batches Really Do Appear to Be Placebos

essica Rose is obviously more pleasant and less censorious than some of the other commentators who have been trying to ‘debunk’ the suggestion by a group of German scientists that the ‘yellow’ batches in the recent Danish Pfizer-BioNTech batch-variability study could be placebos.

But her own ‘debunking‘ has one obvious problem. Her criticism focuses on the claim that the ‘placebo’ batches actually have many adverse events associated with them, just not in Denmark, where the study was focused. However, the denominators she uses in order to compare the rates of adverse event reports per batch that turn up in VAERS have been chosen arbitrarily.

She says so herself. Thus she writes:

It is important to note that I do not have the ‘doses’ (dose number) for the relevant yellow vax lots as per the VAERS data. It is a pity. If I had these data, I could provide a much better analysis. For the purposes of this analysis, I assume that the batch sizes per lot are equal [to those in the Danish study]. This might be a very bad assumption, but what can I do? I’m still better than the CDC staff, combined.

But if we do not have the number of doses, what is the point of the comparison? Nobody has ever claimed that there were no adverse event reports associated with these batches. In the Danish study, there were in fact four ‘yellow’ batches that had literally zero adverse events associated with them. But the other 14 merely had relatively few. The issue is the reporting rate.

Moreover, the problem is even more serious. As seen in the above quote, Jessica Rose simply assumes that the appropriate denominators for the VAERS reports are equal to the denominators in the Danish study, i.e., the number of doses of each batch deployed in Denmark. But we do in fact know the total number of doses included in the batches in question, and, unsurprisingly, it is far higher. Why unsurprisingly? Well, because the whole is greater than the part.

As discussed in my previous article, these are EU batch releases falling under the authority of Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) as the responsible regulator. Needless to say, the number of doses deployed in just one – moreover, small – EU country is usually going to be less than the total.

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