Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 July 2023

The pantomime act is wearing thin

As more evidence emerges that covid injections cause long covid-like symptoms, seizures in children, prion disease and cancer as well as new research showing that the body produces toxic spike proteins two years after being injected, a global alliance of regulators – representing 38 medicines regulatory authorities – issue a statement that covid “vaccines” have a good safety profile.

Between covid, public sexual perversion, failing economies and the war in Ukraine the godless Western “liberalisation” has failed. This pantomime act is wearing thin.

In the real world, a ‘Living Archive’ has been launched to record our stories of what really happened so future generations know what they did to us.

The story of Pfizer, a pharmaceutical empire and corporate corruption: Over the past three years, Pfizer has managed to avoid scrutiny of its previous criminal conduct and is universally portrayed in corporate media as a benevolent enterprise whose mission is to nobly service humanity.  To set the record straight, this article embarks on a comprehensive historical examination of this company.

UK government “nudge unit” says “fear-based” messaging necessary for “wrongly calibrated” people: The head of the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, or the “nudge unit,” Professor David Halpern said that the populace would respond obediently to new “stay at home” orders since they “kind of know what the drill is.”  He defended the use of “fear-based” messaging in critical circumstances, noting that sometimes it is necessary to “cut through,” especially if you think people are “wrongly calibrated.”  Read more HERE and HERE.

Ombudsman finds ‘culture of cover-up’ in NHS: [Note: this report is not related to covid, but then again why wouldn’t it also be?] There is a “culture of cover-up” in the NHS and “ingrained defensiveness” when it comes to patients being harmed or suffering avoidable death, the health ombudsman said as he published a damning new report.  Rob Behrens, health service ombudsman for England, told a briefing:

“There is a culture of cover-up – there is no point pretending that everybody is nice and does the right thing.  Because on the basis of the evidence that I see, patients have been lied to, their care plans have been altered after they died, and there are a whole series of incidents where people do not know what went on and hospitals are reluctant to disclose this.  You can call it what you like but it is a cover-up.”

Pfizer-BioNTech covid injection produces the toxic spike protein in human body even after 2 Years: At the end of June 2023, research commissioned by Pascal Najadi, a former Swiss banker who has been vaccine-injured, reveals the permanence and continuous production of spike proteins in the body after 2 years.  It confirmed the tremendous alteration of the DNA in Najadi’s blood.  The study also openly denounces that this perverse mechanism of DNA alteration would be at the basis of the development of serious forms of cancer which in the USA have been defined as “turbo-cancers” due to the rapidity with which the pathology evolves until death.  Read more HERE or the original article in Italian (English translation using Google) .

Spike protein and The Warburg Effect: A recent paper proving what Walter Chestnut hypothesised years ago, that the spike protein induced “cancer without tumours,” noted that the Spike Protein is inducing the Warburg Effect in cells. This is causing them to overproduce proteins, “clogging” the cell.  The Warburg Effect is a major inducer of cancer.

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