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Politics: none dare call it vandalism

Instead of burning down the local libraries, some disenchanted yet public-spirted citizens in the outer London boroughs continue to relieve Sadiq Khan of his spy devices.

This continues even as the court case proceeds, aimed at showing that Khan lacks the power to expand the city’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) and is, therefore, acting unlawfully.

Yet, such is the inherent establishment bias in media reporting that it is the public-spirited citizens who are described as vandals, even as one concerned citizen calls for people to make a bigger stand on the ULEZ expansion, “like the yellow vests of France”, adding: “We are too soft we just rolled over and accepted it”.

It will be interesting to see whether the court case succeeds, in which case Khan will, at public expense, have to remove his property from the outer London boroughs. But in this case at least, there is a glimmer of hope as there is a judicial process available.

What there is lacking, though, is any sense of an effective political opposition to Khan, leaving even the Guardian to remark that the Tories seem to have abandoned the capital, picking a barrister with zero experience of politics as their candidate for the London Mayor contest.

Where democracy so egregiously fails, public action is entirely warranted when aimed specifically at achieving change, especially if backed by civil disobedience – which also seems to be flourishing in Mr Khan’s domain.

This we learn from an article in the Telegraph which tells of the “great Ulez revolt” where drivers are refusing to pay fines to the tune of £255 million, more than the scheme made in fees in the financial year just past – and this is even before the extension takes effect.

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