Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 July 2023

Passing Observations 185: Vernon Coleman

  • The people who promote the dangerous, re-wilding nonsense and who claim they want to protect the environment are the same people who kill badgers, squirrels and rabbits because they get in the way and the same people who use pesticides and other poisons (such as Roundup) and the same people who promote genetic engineering.
  • ‘One example of reform is in dentistry, where we can have people who are not dentists, like therapists, will do more dental work.’ – Rishi Sunak, well known war criminal, allegedly British Prime Minister and general purpose cretin.
  • A citizen was de-customered after commenting on the pride flags in a building society office. His accounts were closed. Daring to query any action ordained and approved by the conspirators is now extremely dangerous. The other day a café I visited had a sign up saying they couldn’t take credit cards (something that seems to happen a good deal and is much more fun than finding shops which have a sign saying ‘no cash’.). I commented that this was a good thing since it made people use cash for once. The assistant behind the counter glowered at me with such venom that my hat caught fire.
  • It is no accident that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find somewhere to park a car these days. And that’s not including the problems created by the awful parking apps which are now being introduced everywhere and which are, of course, making life difficult for those of us without smart phones. The satanic globalists don’t want us using cars at all.
  • A march of homosexuals through London was held up by climate change nutters. The mayor was not amused. Fortunately for everyone the demonstrators were moved very quickly by the police so that the march could continue unhindered.
  • Cyclists, team members and press at the Tour de France are wearing masks. They are wearing bloody masks. Insanity rules ok.
  • How long will it be before we are not allowed access to the internet unless we have a digital ID number?
  • Don’t go to Paris. It is a ghost of its former self. Instead treat yourself to Secrets of Paris – my book of anecdotes and personal stories about the French capital.
  • Anyone in Australia is caught spreading whatever the authorities du jour call disinformation or misinformation can now be fined $500,000 under the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Mis-information and Dis-information) Bill 2023. Goodbye free speech and welcome lies, deceit and propaganda.

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