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Vernon Coleman: President John F. Kennedy – Murderer, Crook, Cheat and General Fraudster

J.F.Kennedy is still regarded as a hero by many. But he was a liar and a drug addict as well as a sex maniac. Here’s just some of what Seymour Hersh had to say about Kennedy in his book ‘The Dark Side of Camelot’.

He was married before Jackie but denied it and lied about it. (No divorce papers were ever found.)
He stole the Presidential election in 1960 by doing a deal with Sam Giancana, a Chicago gangster. The mob helped him get the votes to beat Richard Nixon. (JFK’s father, Joe, who had presidential ambitions of his own, was a bootlegger who was connected with Murder Incorporated. During World War II Joe Kennedy was a ruthless profiteer, who was opposed to America joining the War and wanted to meet Hitler. Worse still he deliberately leaked details of a secret plot to assassinate Hitler.)
JFK was responsible for the assassination of three foreign leaders whom he didn’t like.
JFK encouraged the plot to try to kill Fidel Castro.
JFK lied about the Cuban Missile Crisis and misled the American people and the world.
JFK shared a mistress with Giancana. The mistress carried documents and cash to the gangster.
Businessmen bidding for federal contracts sent tons of money to Kennedy.
Money for J.F.K.’s re-election campaign was diverted for `personal use’.
Kennedy had venereal disease for over 30 years. He kept this very secret and didn’t tell his many mistresses.
JFK was a heavy user of amphetamines.
JFK double crossed Giancana and the mob and their income crashed after his election when he and his brother targeted them.
Kennedy saw women (including prostitutes) almost daily in the White House. He had himself photographed naked with the women and had the pictures sent out to be framed. One of the women he bedded was the wife of a German military attaché who was believed to be a possible East German agent.
And still there are people who revere Kennedy and the Kennedy name. Kennedy was the first really dirty, crooked US President. And he set the tone for those who followed. Even Kennedy fans have to admit that JFK made Donald Trump look like a choirboy.

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