Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 July 2023

People Will ‘Obey’ Future Lockdowns, Says UK Government ‘Nudge Unit’ Official

People have been conditioned to accept totalitarian policies they likely would have never gone along with in the past. And this social conditioning could make it easier when forcing the public to comply during the next pandemic—at least, that’s what officials in the United Kingdom are saying. Professor David Halpern is the chief executive of the Behavioral Insights Team, also known as the “Nudge Unit.” The organization is based in the UK and works with governments on social engineering, psychology, and tactics to get citizens to comply with policies.

And as The New York Times now reports, a new health crisis is already upon us. And luckily we already have a response to it. A way to stop it in its tracks. And that is, a new vaccine. It states, “To prevent a repeat of last winter’s “tripledemic” of respiratory illnesses, Americans will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves not just for flu shots but for two other vaccines, one of them entirely new.” It notes that U.S. federal health officials are now encouraging three shots: the flu shot, the COVID shot, and the RSV shot.

In this episode of Crossroads, we’ll discuss these stories and others.

Watch Video Here: People Will ‘Obey’ Future Lockdowns, Says ‘Nudge Unit’ Official

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