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Passing Observations 184

Around 330 active or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces say they were harmed by covid-19 vaccine. They have filed a class action lawsuit against high ranking members of the Canadian military asking for $500 million in damages. Hopefully they’ll include that rancid little oik Trudeau in the lawsuit. (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word `oik’ before. It just fits Trudeau so perfectly.)
The UK just sent another £3 billion worth of arms to Ukraine so that more people can be killed. And the UK spent billions more on aid to look after the people we only injured. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sunak, a war criminal, is creating starvation at home. There are now 11.3 million Britons who cannot afford to buy enough food.
I wish they’d hurry up and find some of this global warming they keep threatening us with. The weather has been very autumnal. A few weeks of sunshine would be very acceptable.
Here’s a new motto for truth-tellers ‘dum spiro, spero’. Or, if you prefer, ‘while I breathe, I hope’.
Will someone please tell the neoliberals that, according to The Bible, the love of money is the root of all evil. There has never been a greedier bunch of money grubbers than the neoliberals.
‘He who lives in a cage with a tiger must learn to stroke a tiger’s fur the right way.’ Bugger that.
When he was dying, author Ed McBain (aka Evan Hunter) started a new book. And he told a friend that he intended the book to be the first of a series of 26 books. He was serious.
I am in danger of moving into tsundoku territory. The problem is that I’m buying them faster than I can read them. It’s the bibliophilic equivalent of ‘your eyes are bigger than your stomach’.
In Zimbabwe, under Robert Mugabe, inflation reached 250 million per cent and a loaf of bread cost 10 billion local dollars. Unemployment reached 80%. The Government made it illegal to raise prices in a dumb attempt to stop it. Business folk who put up prices were jailed. So no one made or sold anything. We in Britain are slowly but certainly heading to Zimbabwe style inflation and our guide for this journey is called Rishi Sunak. Some call him Sunak the Incompetent. I call him Sunak the Wicked because I think he is a bad, bad man.
Nigel Farage has had his bank accounts shut down. He isn’t the first. He won’t be the last. Life without a bank account is nigh on impossible. It was no surprise that I could find no mention of this important news story on the BBC which becomes increasingly absurd and which specialises in sharing propaganda material which pleases the conspirators and those promoting the Great Reset.
Nigel Farage told me the other day that he agrees with the views I expressed in my latest book They want your money and your life. ‘Western Civilisation is collapsing before our eyes,’ said Nigel. ‘Fiat currency, huge borrowing, big government and cultural decline.’ And nothing by accident, of course.
Have you noticed that the American neoliberals don’t start wars anymore? They initiate kinetic military activity or pre-emptive self defence. The result is the same, of course. A lot of innocent people get killed and American bankers get richer.
Is President ‘Obomber’ still the only person to have received the Nobel Peace Prize for keeping a war going for no good reason? Or maybe he got it for failing to close Guantanamo as he had promised.
If Russia nukes London will America nuke Russia in retaliation? No, of course they won’t. Don’t be silly. If America nuked Russia then Russia would nuke America. The Alliance isn’t THAT much of an Alliance.
Sunak is going to cut the length of doctor training to produce more doctors in Britain. It’s a quick, cheap way to get more doctors. Becoming a junior hospital doctor will be a weekend course. Becoming a GP or hospital specialist will mean a course for a whole week. Becoming Chief Medical Officer will be an hour long course, and 55 minutes of that will involve learning how to make a nice cup of tea.
The Government is introducing digital health checks. You fill in an online questionnaire, telling the Government absolutely everything about yourself. The Government flogs all your information to drug companies. And the drug companies know what emails to send you. Progress, eh.
If Sunak really wants to cut the length of medical training he should sack all the medical school staff (many of whom have links to drug companies). In future, all medical school professors must show that they have no financial links with any drug companies. (I am not enormously popular with the medical establishment. I have no idea why this could be but it is not something which worries me a great deal.
It was no surprise to hear that the RAF has been practising discrimination against white men. ‘Discrimination’ is, of course, just a polite word for ‘racism’. If a black man is unfairly treated because of his skin colour it is racism and there is an uproar, sackings and scandal. If a white man is unfairly treated because of his skin colour it is discrimination and no one cares.
Statistics show that people in the UK are more likely to die from treatable conditions such as cancer than people in other previously rich nations. The NHS now officially provides the worst health care in the world. Brexit and climate change are blamed, of course, but the real cause is a potent mixture of laziness, incompetence and maladministration. The NHS has proved that State run health care doesn’t work. It was an experiment. It failed. We need to move on. If you want to know precisely what is wrong with the NHS and precisely how Britain could have a much better health service for the same money please read my small book NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right. It’s available on Amazon.
HMRC (the UK tax office) is passing the home addresses and bank balances of those campaigning against Chinese government polices – to the Chinese Government. (Since 2014, countries which signed a tax agreement have been sharing information in this way.)

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