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The Sound of Freedom: There is a global epidemic of children being abducted and trafficked

Millions of Children are abducted and trafficked each year, The Sound of Freedom movie exposes the epidemic
By Dan Fournier

This article is structured as follows:

What is Human & Child Trafficking?
Human Trafficking and Forced Labour is a multi-billion-dollar business
Child Sex Trafficking
Children trafficked en masse at the U.S. Border; 85,000 kids go missing
The Sound of Freedom movie, officially released on 4 July 2023, Independence Day
Hollywood’s Darkest Corners
The Corporate Media’s attack on claims made against Hollywood, Paedophiles and Adrenochrome
The CYM Corporation Leaks
Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad
Don’t be part of the problem, but rather part of the Solution
1. What is Human & Child Trafficking?
On a broader global scale, Human Trafficking Search (HTS) notes:

Human trafficking, trafficking in persons, and modern-day slavery are umbrella terms – often used interchangeably – that refer to the exploitation of individuals through threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, and/or deception.

HTS lists 6 main types of human trafficking:

Sex trafficking and child sex trafficking
Forced labour
Debt bondage
Forced child labour
Involuntary domestic servitude
Unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers
The International Labour Organisation (“ILO”) estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally – 49.6 million people were living in modern slavery in 2021, of which 27.6 million were in forced labour and 22 million in forced marriage.

According to UNODC’s 2020 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons which is compiled using official figures from over 148 countries, one in every three victims detected is a child. Girls are mainly trafficked for sexual exploitation, while boys are used for forced labour. [source]

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline based in the United States:

Human trafficking occurs when a trafficker uses force, fraud or coercion to control another person for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or soliciting labour or services against his/her will.

There are many myths about human trafficking such as it exclusively involves transporting victims across state/provincial or national borders – which is really human smuggling.

In reality, the crime of human trafficking does not necessarily require movement. Victims can be recruited and trafficked in their own hometowns, or even their own homes.

Children are trafficked for various reasons.

According to Save the Children based in Connecticut, child trafficking refers to the exploitation of girls and boys, primarily for forced labour and sexual exploitation.

Children account for 27% of all the human trafficking victims worldwide, and two out of every three child victims are girls.

Children are often trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation or for labour, such as domestic servitude, agricultural work, factory work and mining, or they’re forced to fight in conflicts.

The most vulnerable children, particularly refugees and migrants, are often preyed upon and their hopes for an education, a better job or a better life in a new country. [source]

Save the Children provides a lot of valuable information on child trafficking, including Myths vs Facts.

Apart from sexual exploitation, trafficked children are often used for forced marriages and for forced labour (modern day slavery) with India and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole being prime locations.

War zones such as the Ukraine, areas of conflict and natural disasters also represent places where children are particularly vulnerable to abduction, sexual abuse and trafficking.

Children are also often lured and deceived online via major social networking platforms such as Facebook or TikTok, or through gaming apps which contain chat platforms. [source]

2. Human Trafficking and Forced Labour is a Multi-billion-dollar Business
Based on research from the United States Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”), human trafficking is listed as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world today, surpassing in value the illegal arms industry and only second to the drug trade. [source]

The International Labour Organisation’s (“ILO’s”) estimates profits from forced labour at US$150 billion (annually) according to the latest 2021 figures.

Sex tourism, a worldwide illicit activity that is prevalent in Southeast Asia, accounts for about $35 billion per year.

And as reporter Clayton Morris from Redacted recently noted, child sex trafficking brings in $34 billion a year in revenue. Morris emphasised that as a frame of reference, for 2023 the entire airline industry is poised to make $22 billion in worldwide revenue.

3. Child Sex Trafficking
“Sex trafficking is when an individual engages in a commercial sex act as a result of force, fraud, or coercion. If the individual is under the age of eighteen, any commercial sex act is considered trafficking even if there is no force, fraud, or coercion. Sexual exploitation occurs in various settings, including (but not limited to) brothels, strip clubs, massage parlors, on the street (sometimes coined “track”), or in private homes. Individuals can be trafficked domestically and across international borders. ” – Human Trafficking Search

According to the ILO, 6.3 million individuals are exploited for sex.

Human Trafficking Search (“HTS”) also notes that over half of all children in forced labour are in commercial sexual exploitation.

Women and children are the most common victims found to be trafficked for sex, but men and boys are also trafficked for sex. LGBT identifying individuals, especially transgender individuals, have increasingly been found to be victims of sexual exploitation.

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