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Israeli Nursing Home Study Shows Evidence of Fake-Vaccine Deaths

Detected fraudulence aside, there is no stronger criticism of a study than refuting the key result by using the study data. That opportunity does not arise often.

I present a striking example, pertaining to a study from Israel. Trying to be methodical, my article is somewhat on the long side, but the implications at the end are radical and broad.

Goldin et al. estimated the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine on several Covid-related outcomes, including death, in residents of long-term care facilities in Israel (mean age of 83 years). The large cohort (over 43,000) was heavily skewed towards vaccinated residents (90%). Only about 4,000 residents were not vaccinated.

Using a statistical method called survival analysis, the authors reported two age-adjusted values of vaccine effectiveness (VE) against Covid-related death:

Skipping 10 days after the first dose, VE was 72%.
Skipping about seven days after the second dose, VE was 85%.
Goldin et al. also analysed all-cause death as an endpoint, which many researchers have omitted. Most important, two of their figures (below) show the cumulative number of Covid deaths and all deaths at several time points — from which we can compute the cumulative number of non-Covid deaths. The latter data have been consistently hidden in studies of vaccine effectiveness.

Moreover, the studies provide mortality data, not just with the seven- or 10- day gaps, but since an ‘index date’ – the date on which the first dose was injected. We can thus analyse the data the way they should have been analysed – no skipping.

For some reason, the time points in the table for Covid death do not exactly match the time points for all deaths, but they are not too far apart (figures above). Therefore, the number of Covid deaths at the time points for all-cause death (30 days, 60 days, etc.) can be reasonably estimated by interpolation (examining the height of the line at 30 days etc.) Then, subtracting the number of Covid deaths from all-cause deaths reveals a crucial piece of data: the number of non-Covid deaths.

My busy tables below show the cumulative number of deaths (Covid, non-Covid) in vaccinated residents and unvaccinated residents by the end of the follow-up (five months) and by three interim time points (after one, two and three months). Using simple analysis, formally called ‘cumulative incidence’, I computed the risk of the two types of death in vaccinated (blue) and unvaccinated (red) residents.

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