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FBI Tip of the Iceberg

As of late 2022, multiple FBI whistleblowers have gone to congressional representatives like Jim Jordan and Charles Grassley to report that not only is the FBI purging Conservatives and Christians from their ranks, but that the FBI Field Office in DC has ordered field offices all over the nation to put real crime on the back burner and get busy fabricating charges against rank-and-file American Conservatives especially. By calling them “terrorist threats” or “white supremacists,” the Biden administration can take more and more draconian measures against people they perceive as impediments to their plans to declare the American people themselves to be enemies of THEIR totalitarian State, and advance a falsified premise upon which to suppress, do away with, nullify yet more freedoms until we all have none.

This frame-the-citizenry program is actually the culmination of a very successful scam that the DHS, through the FBI, has been running more than 20 years – ever since the inception of FBI Fusion Centers after 9/11.  They were touted as the remedy to the “intelligence failures” that led to 9/11.  They were places where local authorities and Federal representatives of various agencies supposedly could go to “fuse” information to detect and prevent future terrorist attacks like 9/11. There are now about 80 across the USA. (Might we expect one on each street corner eventually?) Yet in 20+ years how many terrorists have they identified, much less how many attacks have they thwarted? Exactly zero. News articles have even called them “pools of ineptitude” and remarked on how fusion centers continuously decline Congress’s requests for accountability for all the billions of dollars spent by them. How are we in a situation where part of the government defies accountability to who oversees their funding? If they have not found or stopped one attack in over 20 years, then what are they doing?

Are FBI Fusion Centers the proverbial Trojan horse for a takedown from within? There is a new committee forming in Congress to look into “the weaponization of the Federal government” against the American people. It’s nicknamed the Church Committee 2.0, referring to the congressional investigation in the 1970s that was meant to rein in unconstitutional (criminal) activity by the CIA against innocent Americans. This new committee claims it has been spurred on by recent brazen FBI abuses of power – yet it is really only the tip of the iceberg and nothing new. The audacity and egregious disrespect the FBI actually has for the Constitution AND the American people themselves, has been on a collision course for exposure for a very long time.  They have however, successfully hidden their depraved, covert war against thousands of innocent Americans for 20 plus years through the fraud Fusion Centers.

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