Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 July 2023

David Icke: “They are laughing at you, and using your responses to dismantle society”

For the many who have followed David Icke’s work over the years, there is a repeated pattern that seems to show up.

He makes a prediction, people laugh, the prediction comes true.

Time and time again.

“Doing what I do can be frustrating at times,” he says, in the return of his Dot Connector news show. “You say that things are going to happen if we don’t do anything about them, and you’re called mad. They then happen, and lots of people still call you mad. You’ve warned that the plan is to open the borders of Europe and North America, the ‘West’ in general, to facilitate the systematic and calculated dismantling of Western society, and they say, ‘You’re a racist!’ even though, quite blatantly, all around us, it’s happening.”

Funny how often those who speak truth get tarred with the racist and anti-semitic brush.

David continues: “You warn that the plan is to create a civil war, overwhelmingly between the incoming migrant population and the sitting population. It’s a civil war to create extreme levels of divide and rule and justify more and more control on the grounds of ‘create the problem and then offer the solution’. You warn that all this is being orchestrated by what I call ‘the global cult’ and funded by people like George Soros, through NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) and other charities. You point out that mass migration into Europe and North America and other Western countries, is not – overwhelmingly again – about refugees, and giving protection to families and children from war and persecution.”

Are there some that come under that category? “Absolutely, and we should make sure they’re safe and looked after,” says David. “But look around Britain, Ireland, Europe, North America. The vast, vast majority of migrants coming in, unchecked and undocumented, are young, adult men. Single, young, adult men, coming into Europe and encouraged to do so by the authorities (controlled by the cult) and an open Southern border of the United States, to allow that to happen there.”

So, why would those in authority – and they do – encourage and desire enormous numbers of single young adult men to come into Western society, and Western countries, over a ridiculously short period? Why Would they want that?

”Well it doesn’t take long to sit down and ponder, to see a list of reasons,” says David.

“It’s about refugees and it’s all people that are coming over from war and persecution is what we hear from the wokers and the jokers, when it’s actually not true in the great majority of cases. You warn that the migrants coming in, the young, single, adult men, are just pawns in a game they don’t understand. They’re being played like the string section and they’re being used to be played off against the sitting population and they are supported in the West, by the cult-created, cult-owned workers who are equally ignorant of how the’re being used, as foot soldiers of tyranny, along with people involved in organisations like cult-funded Antifa and BLM and the inner core of those two will absolutely know what the game is really about.”

And what demographic does this global cult predominantly comprise?

“Overwhelmingly, almost entirely, made up of old, white, men,” he says. “They are laughing at you. Whether you are a rioting migrant, a BLM or Antifa protestor, whether you are among the population of Western countries, they are laughing at you. And using you and your responses to achieve their ends of dismantling Western society on the road to global dystopia.”

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