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Rabbi Schneerson and the ‘rainbow’ Noahide Laws

We have shown that there is no need for a Sanhedrin in order for the Noahide Laws to be implemented (here). In this section, from the quotes below, you can see that Jews are indeed obligated to enforce the Noahide Laws. Rabbi Schneerson said non-Jews should be compelled to follow the Noahide Laws by “force” if possible, if not through “pleasantness and peace”. He also said non-Jews adhering to the Noahide laws would “constitute a ‘complete victory’ over these nations” If a non-Jew sees another non-Jew breaking a Noahide Law and does not put him to death (presumably by a Noahide court), s/he is to be put to death. Jewish courts are said to be obligated to try non-Jews. Jews say there are good reason to implement the Noahide death penalty now. Other Jews have made it clear that Judaism is not just a national religion but “universal” in the application of the Noahide Laws. Jews are also obligated to “persuade” non-Jews to keep the Noahide Laws. In the quotes below you will see a lot of the use of words like “coerce”, “demand”, “obligate” and other synonyms for mandatory. Some Noahide apologists will tell you that these demands do not apply in the modern age when there is no Sanhedrin, though we have already shown this is not true (here) and the current unofficial Sanhedrin is seeking international recognition (here). Another piece of misinformation is that these demands only apply within the land of Israel, but we can see from the quotes below it is repeatedly stated these demands apply to all of humanity.

Rabbi Schneerson say Jews are obligated to make sure the Noahide Laws are kept even by “force”, if not through pleasantness and peace

It is obvious that this obligation [found in Maimonides, Malachim 8:10] is not limited only to a Jewish court, since this commandment is unrelated to the presence of a ger toshav (resident alien), and thus what is the need of a beit din. . . . Thus, this obligation is in place in all eras, even the present, when no gera toshav can be accepted and it is obligatory on all individuals who can work towards this goal. So too, this commandment is not limited to using force — where, in a situation we cannot use force, we could be excused from our obligation — since the essence of the obligation is to do all that is in our power to ensure that the seven Noachide commandments are kept; if such can be done through force, or through other means of pleasantness and peace, which means to explain [to Noachides] that they should accept the wishes of God who commanded them in this rules. This is obviously what is intended by Maimonides.

SOURCE: Rabbi Michael J. Broyde. “The Obligation of Jews to Seek Observance of Noachide Laws by Gentiles: A Theoretical Review”. Jewish Law. Retreived 10/20/20 from:

Rabbi Schneerson again repeated that the Noahide Laws should be implemented by “force”, and if not through “kindness”

We must do everything possible to ensure that the seven Noahide laws are observed. If this can be accomplished through force or through other kinder and more peaceful means through explaining to non-Jews that they should accept God’s wishes [we should do so]…Anyone who is able to influence a non-Jew in any way to keep the seven commandments is obligated to do so, since that is what God commanded Moses our teacher (“Sheva Mitzvot Shel Benai Noach,” Hapardes 59:9 7-11, 5745)

SOURCE: – My Jewish Learning, “The Noahide Laws”, Retrieved 10/12/19 from

Rabbi Schneerson says Jews have obligation to “compel” non-Jews to follow the Noahide Laws

Rabbi Schneerson’s view is unique in that he not only assumes that Maimonides is correct in ruling that there is a general obligation to compel gentiles to observe Noachide law, but he also assumes that the obligation to compel observance includes within it the obligation to persuade. Rabbi Schneerson thus extends to the obligation to cover a much greater area than any other rabbinical authority, both in terms of the responsibility to do so and in the means by which to do so,

SOURCE: Tzvi Freeman and Yaakov Ort. “Is Social Activism Destroying American Judaism?”. Retrieved 10/21/2020 from:

A non-Jew who witnesses someone breaking a Noahide Law and does not put him to death is to be killed

[A Noahide] who witnesses a transgression of these [laws] and fails to try the perpetrator and execute him, should be put to the sword. This is why the citizens of Shekhem were condemned to death: [Prince] Shekhem committed robbery [kidnapping]; they witnessed it, knew it, and failed to try him

SOURCE: Moshe Sokolow. “The Obligation to Intervene According to Halakhah [Jewish Law] and Tradition”. Prism, spring 2010, volume 1, issue 2, ISSN 1949 – 2707. Yeshiva University. Retrieved 10/21/2020 from:

Jewish courts “obliged” try Noahides (non-Jews)

Nahmanides understands Maimonides to mean that Jewish courts are obliged to try descendants of Noah.

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