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Marine Le Pen Scorches Macron Government Over Mass Immigration Policies That Led to French Riots

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the main opposition party in France, in a fiery speech Tuesday eviscerated President Emmanuel Macron’s immigration policies that ultimately led to the widespread riots consuming France.

Le Pen, who leads the National Rally party, and ran for president three times in the country, directed her remarks to Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, who was present at the National Assembly.

“My question is addressed to the Madam Prime Minister. At a time when our country has just been delivered to plunder, plunder and an insensate fire, I would like to ask you the question that all French people ask themselves: what have you done with France?” Le Pen asked.


“You, who has been carrying out the same policy as your predecessors for 40 years, what have you done with our country by implementing zones of unlawful use?” she asked, referring to the government’s longstanding policy of “no go zones” in France to accommodate the Muslim foreigners they’ve allowed to flood into the country.

“What have you done when you let yourself be communalized, criminalized? What have you done when you let the ignorance of our culture prosper, the hostility towards the legal authority of the state, the illegitimacy of our laws and the hatred of our people?”

“What have you done to transform our country among the most courteous, the most elegant, and the softest of the Earth to make it a hell, where it is consumed with public buildings that burn, however, in the future?” she continued.

“This spectacle afflicts the whole world and our country which was so admired for its intellectual brilliance and its power, today arouses pity when it is not irony.”

Le Pen called for the Prime Minister to roll back the government’s disastrous immigration policies and reassert the rule of law in France.

“What is happening, we predicted it despite great adversity, I say it with sadness and gravity, unfortunately we were right,” Le Pen said. “At the moment when you are about to serve us again, at the cost of billions, to a ninth border plan, I call you to the courage of self-criticism, to the humility to admit the dramatic failure of your policies,” she said.

“First and foremost, we must stop anarchic immigration. Yet you are aggravating the problem of communitarianism, even separatism, and to spread it in any village,” she continued. “We must then regain control in all districts of France, restore the authority of the parents, rebuild the school, the crusade of the Republic, give justice its firmness, without which it will remain powerless to protect the French.”

“Faced with economic and judicial security chaos, will you finally admit that the only possible solution is national?” she concluded to raucous applause.

As the migrant-driven riots burn down France, Macron has responded with pitiful remarks blaming video games for the violence, threatening rioters with meager fines, and calling for crackdowns on free speech.

Le Pen lambasted Macron’s “naive” response to the riots on Wednesday over his inability to understand the “urgency” of the crisis.

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