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Hidden Truths about the War in Ukraine

It is just possible that the BBC, The Guardian and The New York Times may have missed some of the following:

The United Nations Security Council has heard evidence that Ukraine is using Western arms to kill civilians.
Small NATO countries are dumping old, dangerous military equipment and ammunition in Ukraine on the understanding that their rubbish will be replaced with new equipment and ammunition. Some of the equipment given to Ukraine was first made in the 1960s and similar stuff was used in Vietnam.
Many Ukrainians now believe that neo-Nazis are a big problem in their country, particularly in the military. It is, however, illegal for Ukrainians to mention this while in their country.
When Zelensky was asked about the neo-Nazis in the military he replied: ‘They are what they are.’
Facebook allows at least one neo-Nazi group to post on the site. (And yet those telling the truth about covid-19 were banned completely.)
Blackrock, the evil empire of Fink is the largest holder of Ukrainian Government bonds. Larry Fink has warned that corporate ‘behaviours are going to have to change, and this is one thing we are asking companies; you have to force behaviours and at Blackrock we are forcing behaviours’. Fink is not an elected official but the company he runs has control of trillions of dollars’ worth of investments.
When the Americans were in Iraq they destroyed, stole and then rebuilt – with the Iraqi people paying the cost of the reconstruction. Now, America is planning the same thing for Ukraine. The aim is to rebuild on or around 2030 – creating Ukraine as the world’s first entirely digital society. But first they need to destroy all the infrastructure.
According to the excellent The Grayzone, while the US Congress was arguing about America’s massive national debt, the US paid off $4.5 billion of Ukraine’s sovereign debt.
Also according to The Grayzone, in 2022 and 2023 alone, the Social Security Administration in the US sent millions of dollars to the Kiev Government .
In 2022 and 2023, USAID awarded $22.1 billion to Ukraine – though some of that money was sent to Ethiopia and Kenya (perhaps by mistake…they are all foreign countries after all).
USAID has given $20 million to a variety of people – including a Toronto based Ukrainian TV channel, a Polish think tank and a group called ICUV where the priority is (according to Henry Kissinger and CIA director William Burns) a major provocation against Russia.
The Department of Homeland Security sent $5.4 million to an aluminium boat company to supply two 38 foot full-cabin boats, four 38 foot center console boats, trailers, spare parts and training – for the country of Ukraine. (Has Zelensky taken up fishing?)

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