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Italian researcher shares extraordinary evidence files of world’s ‘first’ UFO crash – 14 years before Roswell – and the secret department set up by Mussolini’s government to study the craft that was later captured by US forces

A top US intelligence officer claims World War II American forces retrieved a UFOthat crashed in Italy in 1933 – and Italian researchers say they have the documents to prove it.

Former top National Reconnaissance Office staffer David Grusch shocked the world last month when he revealed he had blown the whistle in sworn testimony to Congress and government watchdogs, about an alleged secret US program that has obtained multiple ‘non-human’ flying saucers.

Grusch claims one of these alien spacecraft crashed in Northern Italy in 1933, and was secreted away by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, before it was captured by American forces at the end of World War II and shipped to the US. understands Grusch was briefed on the supposed June 1933 crash by a staffer who allegedly worked on the ‘non-human’ craft in a secret US government program.

And this week Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Marco Rubio confirmed he has heard testimony from alleged first hand witnesses of such crash retrieval programs.

Now, in an interview with to coincide with Sunday’s World UFO Day, Italian researcher Roberto Pinotti shared extraordinary details of the alleged saucer crash that occurred a full 14 years before the famous Roswell, New Mexico incident.

Pinotti, president of the National Ufological Center, which goes by the Italian initialism CUN, obtained documents he claims evidence the June 13, 1933 crash, and a secret department set up by Mussolini to study the alleged saucer.

Pinotti’s research has been met with skepticism in Italy since he first released it in 2000, and is still little-known outside its borders.

‘I and my colleague Alfredo Lissoni began investigating the story of the 1933 UFO crash in Lombardy in 1996, when we received some original secret documents about the case,’ he told

The documents were mysteriously mailed to Pinotti from an anonymous source who claimed to have inherited them from a family member who worked on Mussolini’s supposed UFO program.

They include two June 1933 telegrams in Italian, one demanding ‘absolute silence’ over an ‘alleged landing on national soil of unknown aircraft’.

Another, dated June 13, threatens the ‘immediate arrest’ and ‘maximum penalties’ for any journalists reporting news of an ‘aircraft of unknown nature and origin’.

‘Immediate recasting of any leads from the newspapers bearing said news is ordered,’ the second telegram said.

Both say they are by ‘personal order’ of ‘Il Duce’ – Mussolini himself.

Other documents sent to Pinotti refer to a mysterious government department called ‘Gabinetto RS/33’, or the RS (Special Research) 33 Cabinet, supposedly set up by the Italian dictator to manage the retrieval and study of the alleged saucer wreckage, as well as other UFO incidents.

Pinotti says RS/33 was headed by Nobel Prize-winning inventor Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the radio.

To this day, Italian historians and UFO researchers have found no other evidence of this shadowy alleged group or Marconi’s involvement.

Pinotti was also sent handwritten memos on paper with a government agency letterhead dated August 22, 1936 which include a sketch and description of a cylindrical aircraft with portholes on the sides and white and red lights spotted flying over Northern Italy.

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