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Four NZ rugby players critically injured; vaccine harm is becoming a crime of denial

Are We Being Led Down the Road to Madness?
By Dr. Guy Hatchard

It is hard to escape the notion that the world is going mad from an undiagnosed cause. Renowned mathematician G H Hardy wrote in 1940 faced with the incomprehensible horror of war, “When the world is mad, a mathematician may find in mathematics an incomparable anodyne.” An anodyne is something that allays pain. As someone who analyses data, I am very clear that the mathematics of health data can no longer be ignored. The data is telling me something has gone terribly wrong.

The New Zealand Herald leads on Monday morning (26 June 2023) with a story “Two Auckland Suburbs Rugby Club players suffer critical, life-threatening injuries in consecutive weeks.” The article covers not just two but four players critically affected mid-game. Two are in hospital, and two died. Read on, and you discover that not all of these were necessarily rugby injuries, rather, some, if not most, were quite possibly medical events caused by something other than rugby.

The events were reported as a blood clot in the brain, a seizure requiring CPR (symptoms typical of a cardiac arrest), a critical brain injury with an undisclosed cause, and an unspecified on-field collapse. All the victims were young with a life ahead of them.

According to the article, New Zealand Rugby is on edge. The Auckland Rugby Union (“ARU”) said they were “unaware of the cause,” but inexplicably added, “We are fortunate that events of this nature are extremely rare.” Or maybe they should have used the past tense “were”? The Herald commented that playing rugby amounts to suffering a weekly car accident, so there is no need to look any further for a cause.

You might believe that if it wasn’t for all the other people who are not rugby players hospitalised or dying suddenly from medical events that sound suspiciously similar. Leaked Wellington Region statistics record hospitalisation for heart attacks up 83% and strokes up 25%. 2023 excess deaths are up 18% above the long-term history, a hundred extra people are dying each week in our nation of just five million people.

The events reported on the rugby field are tragic, but when unexpected health events are consistently way above historical levels over a period of two and a half years they can no longer be described as a series of isolated and unrelated tragedies, it has become a statistically significant mathematical trend that stands in need of explanation.

Unfortunately, mathematics is not a strong suit of our current crop of politicians. They are dismissing alarming statistics as irrelevant. David Seymour, ACT Party leader thinks vaccine side effects are a fiction. Ditto for the Greens. Labour is still using our tax dollars to promote more covid vaccines. Chris Luxon, National Party Leader, says he doesn’t want any votes from people he describes as anti-vaxxers – ironically 50% of eligible people have not taken the latest Covid bivalent vaccine.

This is becoming a crime, a crime of denial, the denial of the obvious. We have an election coming. On current evidence, it is madness to think that re-electing ANY of our politicians is anything other than a prescription for a still greater health disaster. None of our political parties are loudly calling for the closure of the Disinformation Project currently funded by the PM’s office. A project squarely aimed at controlling the discussion of alarming health data.

The media, the health service, and politicians appear focused on deflecting attention from the situation by repeated allusions to “conspiracy theorists.” This is a huge canard. From the available data, I am registering something completely different, we are in the midst of an evolving health crisis with no precedent whose outcome is already dire but may get much worse.

Discussions of unexplained health conditions have become the subject of a myriad of articles and studies which seek to deflect attention away from medical misadventures as a cause. For example, last week, the Daily Mail featured “Are you among the one in five adults who have potentially fatal fatty liver disease?” and “Terrifying reason this fit and healthy young woman suffered a stroke at just 33 years old.”

Why are none of these articles making the connection as the more inquiring Daily Sceptic does in its article “Spike in Deaths Corresponding to covid Vaccine Rollout Found in Peer-Reviewed Analysis of Japan and Germany” or the Times of India “Medics fear covid vaccine link to cricketer Shane Warne’s sudden death“.

The health crisis has arisen from a combination of covid infection, novel covid vaccines, the effect of lockdowns, and longstanding poor health habits. Asserting that covid vaccines are safe, against the evidence, misleads the public. The health crisis is not just being inadequately addressed; its possible causes are being deliberately hidden from the public.

Like New Zealand, Australia is busy enshrining this mad situation in law. Nine News reports: “Under new draft legislation, social media giants could be fined for breaching an industry standard of misinformation – which would amount to billion-dollar fines for some companies.” And here’s the rub, national and local government authorities are excluded from any liability if they misinform the public – a clause that will allow corporate media to misinform if they are merely quoting the government. Welcome to the future.

The dimensions of the health crisis are huge and far-reaching. Read THIS article in the UK Telegraph detailing the catastrophic effects of lockdowns on children’s mental health and academic achievement. A 50% jump in those seeking help for mental health problems. Absenteeism. Declines in reading, writing, maths, and science attainment. Increases in self-harming. A 42% rise in eating disorders. Here in New Zealand, we additionally have a youth crime wave.

It is important to realise that the relative effects of covid, covid vaccination, and lockdowns blur together if you fail to do research and ignore the problems, as our government and other governments are doing. Thereby enriching pharmaceutical corporations and guaranteeing a biotech dystopian nightmare.

Locked up in the beehive during the pandemic, an entirely artificial view of the world incubated. Politicians found they could just tell people what to do without needing to answer their questions. Heady stuff.

Our present political landscape would have been unthinkable ten years ago.

Plans to coup people up in cities, the most polluted areas of our nation.
Complaints that not enough people have access to euthanasia.
Mandated medical interventions and loss of employment.
Borrowings on a scale that mortgages our national future
Government control of the press and censorship of social media
Most of all, the sidelining of the New Zealand Bill of Rights effectively removes our right to free speech. Anyone who thinks that is a good idea needs to think again. When Hitler instituted the systematic killing of the terminally ill, the insane, and the disabled in 1939, only public protest made him scale it back.

Without any right to free speech and public protest, there is no limit to the power and stupidity of the Government. All 120 of our elected politicians have let us down and taken advantage of our trusting nature. It is time for some new faces and some old values like honesty, truth, and rationality. Public debate has been missing in action for 3 long years, if it is not reinstated in November, we will be locked into a system without a voice and subject to experimentation.

About the Author
Guy Hatchard, PhD, was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email. GLOBE.GLOBAL is a website dedicated to providing information about the dangers of biotechnology.

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