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IN-DEPTH: Gender Ideology Is a Road to Transhumanism

The push for gender-affirming care taking place in recent years not only creates a market for the technological reproduction industry but also is a “ramp to transhumanism,” an investigative journalist said.

Gender-affirming care for individuals who believe that their gender identity conflicts with their gender at birth creates a very profitable market for the technological reproduction industry, which includes egg freezing, surrogacy, genetic manipulation, and other technologies, especially for big pharma and big tech, said Jennifer Bilek, an investigative journalist.

However, the goal of transgenderism s to assimilate males and females all throughout, Bilek told Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders” program. Western society is now changing laws and language to obliterate women from language and move men into all women’s spaces and sports, she added.

“It’s not really what people think it is,” Bilek claimed. “It’s not [about] human rights for the marginalized at all. It’s sitting under the LGB civil rights movement banner because lesbian and gay people will also need assisted reproduction technology as they create families of their own.”

“Human rights don’t come from the top society,” as one would think seeing the transgender flag hung at the White House and other government institutions, Bilek said. “Human rights come from the bottom of society, of grassroots organizations.”

This is being taught all over America in schools, shown in Hollywood movies, and is present in the media, libraries, and books, Bilek said. Even forms that ask people to fill out their gender provide an option called “X” in addition to “male” and “female,” she added.

“What they’re doing is deconstructing sex systematically within the culture,” Bilek asserted. calling it “a dissolution of sexual dimorphism.”

“All this sexualizing of children that’s going on around LGBT is part of this.”

The journalist noticed that the gender ideology is not pushed on older people; it targets the youth, the next generation, Bilek said.

“Because you’re grooming, a lot of people think this is about pedophilia. That’s probably right on some level. I am believing that this is more about grooming them for further intrusions into their biology.”

Children are being told that, with the help of medical technology, boys can become girls and girls can become boys, if they choose so, Bilek said.

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