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Iraqi man fills a Koran with bacon and burns it outside a Stockholm mosque after police allowed protest, enraging Turkey which holds sway over Sweden’s bid to join NATO

An Iraqi man filled a Koran with bacon and burned it in Stockholm on Wednesday, an event that has angered Turkey as Sweden bids to join NATO.

The inflammatory stunt was carried out by two men outside the city’s main mosque on the first day of the Muslim three-day Eid al-Adha holiday.

Some 200 onlookers witnessed one of the two organisers – Salwan Momika – tearing up pages of a copy of the Koran and wiping his shoes with it before putting bacon in it and setting the book on fire, whilst the other protester spoke into a megaphone.

Some of those present shouted ‘God is great’ in Arabic to protest against the burning, and one man was detained by police after he attempted to throw a rock. A supporter of the demonstration shouted ‘let it burn’ as the holy book caught on fire.

It came after police approved a request to allow the man to go ahead with the action, two weeks after a Swedish appeals court rejected a police ban on Koran burning protests which have caused anger among Muslims in Sweden and abroad.

A series of demonstrations in Sweden against Islam and for Kurdish rights have offended Ankara, whose backing Sweden needs to gain entry to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Sweden sought NATO membership in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. But Turkey – a Muslim majority country – has said Sweden harbours members of what it considers terrorist groups – a charge Sweden denies – and has demanded their extradition as a step toward ratifying Swedish membership.

Turkish foreign minister Hakan Fidan condemned the act in a tweet on Wednesday, writing: ‘I condemn the vile protest against our holy book in Sweden.’

In its permit for Wednesday’s demonstration, the police wrote that while it ‘may have foreign policy consequences’, the security risks and consequences linked to a Koran burning were not of such a nature that the application should be rejected.

Ahead of the stunt, police said they expected only two people to take part, including the organiser, Momika, who in a recent newspaper interview described himself as an Iraqi refugee seeking to ban the Koran.

There were fears that the burning could spark unrest, with police saying they had called in reinforcements from across the country to maintain order. Journalists said several police cars were already parked near the mosque early on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said Wednesday that Sweden still wanted to join NATO before or at its summit in Vilnius next month although it was not certain it would be able to do so by then.

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