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Richard D. Hall exposes BBC’s nefarious operations fronted by Marianna Spring

In May, the Daily Mirror emailed Hall regarding Hall’s newsletter dated 9 May 2023. Hall did not respond to the Mirror’s email. The following day, the Mirror published a hit piece on Hall. The Mirror’s article also highlighted Hall’s GoFundMe page to raise funds for legal expenses. Later that day, GoFundMe closed Hall’s fundraising account. “In my opinion, this looks like an orchestrated attack using the media to try and get my means of funding for the case removed,” Hall said.

In the video below, instead of discussing the details of the case Hall outlined the BBC’s involvement. Two years after his book and documentary about the Manchester Arena “bombing,” BBC’s Marianna Spring produced a podcast about how she met one of the Manchester Arena victims. A couple of months later, Spring tried to persuade Hall to take part in a BBC programme. “I made it clear that I did not want to take part,” Hall said.

At the end of September 2022, BBC’s “friendly attitude” of previous emails changed. BBC sent Hall a letter with a list of allegations, some of them false, which “read like a charge sheet.” A week later, Marianna Spring and the BBC Panorama film crew visited Hall’s market stall to try to interview Hall against his wishes. A few weeks later the BBC began an 11-part series of programmes on Radio 4 about “disaster trolls” which can only be described as a propaganda campaign against Hall. “Disaster troll” is the label the Mirror used to describe Hall in their 2023 article.

The BBC then contacted YouTube to remove Hall’s channel and YouTube dutifully obeyed. At the end of October 2022, BBC broadcast Panorama’s ‘Disaster Deniers: Hunting the Trolls’ which was complete propaganda. These propaganda programmes resulted in further hit pieces in corporate media such as THIS article by the Mail Online.

In November 2022, the BBC contacted the council to shut down Hall’s market stall. The council obliged.

In March 2023, Spring, the face of BBC’s fact-suppressing operation, emailed Hall informing him a legal case had been filed against Hall by one of the Manchester Arena victims, Martin Hibbert. Until this email, Hall was not aware a legal case had been filed. The BBC then published a Radio 4 “disaster troll” programme and an article about this legal case. Hall received formal notification of the legal claim in early May 2023, a month after the BBC had been informed – a month during which BBC had been publicising it with their own particular spin.

“The first mention that I could find about the involvement of Hudgell Solicitors [Hibbert’s legal team] was in a BBC article produced on the 31st of October 2022 [written by Marianna Spring], which is the same date that the BBC aired their Panorama [Disaster Deniers] programme,” Hall said.

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