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‘Fit & Healthy’ Mom of Two Left Wheelchair-Bound Following Pfizer ‘Covid’ Jab

A mother of two in Australia who was previously fit and healthy is now wheelchair-bound following a Covid-19 vaccine injury.

Melene Guevremont, 37, an avid surfer, snowboarder, paddle boarder and rock climber, began suffering multiple symptoms and eventually lost function of all her limbs following her third Covid vaccine in March 2022.

In a GoFundMe donation page started by her fiancé Richard Ellison, he explained, “She desperately needs medical treatments as her health continues to deteriorate since taking 3 P*izzer vaccines.”

“Sadly, since her 3 jabs, Mel’s health has declined so severely that she can no longer look after herself and the kids,” Richard stated, adding, “We have also moved to a one-level home as she is progressively losing the function of all her limbs. Somedays, she wonders if she will make it to the next.”

According to the fundraising page, Guevremont is suffering over 30 symptoms attributed to the experimental mRNA jabs. Ellison says, “doctors are at a loss on how to help her as these vaccines are too new. “

Mel’s side effects run the gamut of observable vaccine side effects and injuries, including: severe twitching, uncontrollable shakes, menstrual changes, Deep Vein Thrombosis and blood clots in her left arm, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, severe debilitating nerve pain, headaches, stabbing chest pains and heart palpitations and more.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Mel said the vax injuries have destroyed her life.

“It’s ruined my life completely and utterly,” she revealed. “I am skin and bones. I don’t recognize myself. It’s not my body and I wake up with a new symptom every day. It’s a grieving process.”

The distraught mom described her life was full of adventure and excitement prior to the jabs.

“Right before these jabs I was snowboarding in New Zealand. The only problem I had was a tweaked knee from too much surfing and playing basketball,” she described.

“I was an adrenaline junkie. I did not stop. It’s quite the clash for me to be barely able to hold a cup of coffee or hold my own neck…How do you go from snowboarding, ripping on a mountain and having a great time, to all of a sudden can’t hold your neck?”

The family has reportedly “spent many thousands of dollars on doctors/specialists and they have been unable to help so far,” the fundraiser states.

Investigating potential cures for Mel’s vaccine injuries, Ellison is planning “to fly her over to the United States (from Australia) to receive promising treatments that consist of specialized nutritional IVs with peptides (which are illegal in Australia), Stem Cells injections and blood filtration treatments.”

“These treatments have been proven to help many vaccine injured people, so we’re hoping this can help Mel,” Ellison stated, adding the “treatments cost many 10’s of thousands of dollars and will probably need to be repeated multiple times if they work.”

“We are desperate for her to regain her health as currently, we fear the worst,” Ellison admitted.

According to her fiancé, Mel works for Jab Injuries Global to help others who’ve been injured by the jab.

“Now, it’s her turn to need help,” he says.

The Mail reports news of Guevremont’s deteriorating health comes as over 500 people have filed a class action lawsuit against Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and Department of Health seeking compensation for vaccine injuries.

Guevremont holds out no hope for government aid, however, saying, “The compensation scheme is a joke.”

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