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Cult-created WHO pushes for censorship and Cult-owned Wellcome Trust pushes for PCR testing of healthy people

Covid Inquiry bombshell regarding face masks and social distancing: “I once enquired … in March 2020 … whether we should be wearing masks and was told that the science advice was that there was ‘no point’ and had ‘very little effect on the spread of covid’ … It was all a pantomime.”


WHO pushes sweeping Censorship Treaty: An investigation by Public reveals a coordinated effort by the WHO to use future medical crises as an excuse for sweeping censorship. Instead of trying to rebuild public trust after covid-19, the WHO is attempting to enshrine some of the worst abuses of state power from the last three years. In response to Public’s questions about the WHO’s “social listening” program, a WHO spokesperson told Public, “EARS platform is not designed to detect misinformation.” The tool, he said, is “useful when trying to understand and prioritise topics of concern.” But the reference paper to which the WHO spokesperson linked as an example of its approach mentions the word “misinformation” 22 times. Read more HERE.

Asymptomatic testing key to pandemic preparedness: According to a research letter published by The Lancet, covid infections that would have been missed were detected through asymptomatic [read healthy] PCR testing for NHS staff, a blueprint for future NHS–academic partnerships to follow. Dr Emma Wall, an infectious diseases consultant at University College London Hospitals and senior clinical research fellow for the Legacy study, urged that the data gathered throughout the pandemic needed to be “put to good use”. She emphasised that the repurposing of lab facilities and partnering with local NHS trusts, as the Francis Crick Institute had done, was a useful “blueprint” for future NHS-academic partnerships to follow, that could be “rapidly set up” in the event of another pandemic. The research was funded in whole, or in part, by the Wellcome Trust and researchers involved in authoring The Lancet letter disclosed receiving grants from a variety of pharmaceutical companies.

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