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Trading Skins in Counter-Strike 2: What Changes?

CS:GO is probably one of the most popular games that attracts the views of the entire gaming world. Passionate users watch the progress that the game makes in all aspects, from purely graphic to more communicative — and the game is making the next step in its evolution. The CS2 announcement promises a significant improvement to gaming experience and will deliver more pleasure and engagement to every play. But what about skins and changes to CS GO trade? Read below to see what will change and what will remain.

General improvements and how they affect skins

It’s known that the game is being released on Source 2 — the engine allows for better interaction with the environment and other players in real time. Generally, the response is faster, and the environment is more sensitive to the player’s actions (they have paid particular attention to smoke and its movements). 

The perception of environments is also improved due to better lighting and texture designs — and these points affect CS skins the most significantly. What attracts attention first is the absence of contrasting glares that sometimes ruin the entire skin. The balance between light and shade is much better, and the textures that are even more realistic now create a better look for your favorite skins.

The skins themselves, by the way, will be transferred to CS2 from your inventory, so everything you’ve bought or gained remains yours. It will be a fascinating experience to see how items will look better on Source 2.

How to learn about skin trading

As always happens with popular games, the whole world watches the first development steps on streaming platforms — and here the situation remains the same. To catch the trends, it’s better to pay attention to:

  • the streamers who have early access, and consider their preferences;
  • the traders who report their views on Twitter or YouTube.

These two aspects can help you catch the wave of how trading changes. As the skins are remaining the same and will be available for transfer from CS:GO, it’s logical to assume that the trends will not change significantly. But the enhanced balance of light and texture may cause some items to become more popular — and this is almost impossible to predict.

Does trading change?

The trading process itself remains the same. So when you want to watch rates or exchange skins, you can use the same sources as before. DMarket stays among the most reliable and flexible marketplaces for this purpose. Whether you are an experienced user or a newcomer, you’ll find many decent solutions for your demands. 

If we touch on CS skins trading, it’s one of the largest niches in game items trading. It’s quite difficult to find a safe and reliable marketplace with a wide choice of options where you can improve your inventory or find something special. But DMarket deals with all these demands successfully — just join the community, and see by yourself!

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