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Lifeboat crews are caught in sexism and racism storm: ‘Alpha males’ are ordered to go on diversity course amid wokery row

RNLI lifeboatmen have accused the charity of being fixated with a ‘woke crusade’ amid a row over ‘alpha male’ bad behaviour.

The sea rescue charity has ordered a ‘full-scale cultural review’ at Hastings Lifeboat Station in East Sussex after a damning internal report alleged female volunteers are barred from missions by the ‘old crew’.

The report says: ‘Female crew are generally unwelcome. Only ‘alpha males’ with a history at the station are welcome. There is a feeling women are fine on shore, but not to go afloat.’

All lifeboat staff at Hastings have been ordered to attend diversity and inclusivity training by the charity’s safeguarding chief to stamp out bias against women and ethnic minorities.

The report, written by RNLI managers, adds that there is ‘evidence of racism by way of lack of opportunities for people of colour’ who intend to volunteer, and through ‘racist language’.

It goes on: ‘Physically intimidating gestures have been made towards females.’ These included the ‘I’m watching you’ sign, where a person puts two fingers to the eyes signifying defiance, contempt or derision.

The report, seen by The Daily Mail, cited alleged comments such as ‘we don’t like her, get rid of her’ from old crew to their female counterparts.

Critics have accused the RNLI, which will celebrate its 200th anniversary next year, of acting as a ‘taxi service’ for illegal migrants crossing the Channel.

Its website states it is a member of LGBTQ+ lobby group Stonewall’s controversial ‘Diversity Champions’ programme, and it actively encourages volunteers with disabilities and different ethnic or gender backgrounds.

A lifeboat whistleblower who approached the Mail accused the charity of putting diversity ahead of seamanship training at Hastings.

The uproar comes after two male crew members were asked to ‘stand down’ this year following an inquiry. The whistleblower, who wished to remain anonymous, said last night: ‘We rescued hundreds of people last year. A lot of them migrants, but other casualties too.

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