Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 27 June 2023

Legal challenges that could open the Covid vaccine floodgates

As the accretion of legal safeguards built up over centuries to protect the governed from abuses of power has been eroded by legislation, and finally overridden by capricious declarations of ‘emergency’, it requires creative lawyers to pierce the cage of interlocking pseudo-legal stratagems put in place to prevent any accountability and reckoning.

As we know, regulators and manufacturers of ‘vaccines’ have been shielded from liability for death or injury from these experimental drugs unless they were aware of the damage that might foreseeably be caused by them, which would constitute wilful misconduct. Proving this is the challenge.

Three first-of-a-kind cases in Switzerland, the US and Germany are attempting to do precisely that, and if successful, could trigger a cascade of similar cases.

The Swiss case is a criminal complaint against the country’s regulator of medicines, Swissmedic, filed in July 2022 by Philipp Kruse, co-president of the Swiss Bar Association, on behalf of a group of plaintiffs.

The complaint alleges that Swissmedic repeatedly violated its due diligence obligations under therapeutic product law because:

a)    it was already aware of countless risk factors from December 2020 onwards, each of which, when assessed in isolation, should have prevented the granting of the ‘temporary’ authorisation and subsequent administration of the mRNA injections;

b)   it breached the prohibition of the advertising of therapeutic products;

c)     it failed to fulfil its duty of post-marketing surveillance in a risk-adequate manner.

The US case is a civil lawsuit for damages against the Department of Defense (DoD), which is the de facto developer and distributor of Covid vaccines, and names Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III as defendant. The case was filed on May 31 by health freedom rights attorney Ray Flores representing the family of George Watts Jr, a 24-year-old student who died in October 2021 from vaccine-induced myocarditis after a second Pfizer injection. This was confirmed by the medical examiner and listed on his death certificate as the sole immediate cause of death. Watts was required by his college to be ‘vaccinated’ in order to attend classes in the autumn of 2021. The lawsuit is being funded by Children’s Health Defense (CHD). 

This case reveals that drugs approved under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUAs) cannot legally be described as ‘safe and effective’ as they are held to a lower standard of approval and required to demonstrate only that they ‘may’ be effective. Only products with full approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are licensed to make the claim of ‘safe and effective’.

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