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Dr Denis Rancourt: ‘Covid’ fake vaccines have killed 13 million people worldwide

Dr. Denis Rancourt’s research has shown that the vaccination campaign in India caused the deaths of 3.7 million fragile residents.  And, “in Western countries, we quantified the average all-ages rate of death to be 1 death for every 2,000 injections, to increase exponentially with age … We estimated that the vaccines had killed 13 million worldwide,” he said.

Denis Rancourt has a PhD in physics.  He held post-doctoral research positions at prestigious institutions in France and The Netherlands, before being a physics professor and lead scientist at the University of Ottawa for 23 years. He has written over 30 scientific reports relevant to covid, starting 18 April  2020 for the Ontario Civil Liberties Association and for a new non-profit organisation called Correlation. Presently, all his work and interviews about covid are documented on his website which he created to circumvent the barrage of censorship.  You can follow Dr. Rancourt on Twitter HERE.

On 17 May, Dr. Rancourt testified at the National Citizens Inquiry (“NCI”) held in Ontario, Canada.  NCI is a citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s covid-19 response.

In a Twitter thread with video clips attached, citizen researcher and journalist Ben M., who is maintaining data through projects such as Mortality Watch,  highlighted the following statements made by Dr. Rancourt during his testimony.

“There’s a strong correlation to poverty, which is one of the pieces of evidence that allows you to say that this is not a virus. [..] No matter how you slice it, there’s absolutely no correlation with age, which is definitive proof that this cannot be covid.”

“During the covid period, all western countries cut antibiotics prescriptions by 50%, so they were not treating bacterial pneumonia.”

“The age structure of the excess mortality has changed as you move into the vaccination period.”

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