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Basic Diablo 4 games for beginners

After a long time of open beta testing, which lasted more than a month and fixing the main bugs, the long-awaited release of Diablo 4 happened, which continued the development of the dark fantasy story about the confrontation between people and archdemons, which many fans of the previous parts were used to, and especially Lord of Destruction, which became the most popular parts of the series.


What do beginners need to do in order to get used to the project as soon as possible, let’s figure it out.




In Diablo 4, levels are important, because with each new milestone you will receive points of skills and characteristics.


Skill points are spent on learning skills from various branches of development, from which you choose the direction in which your hero will progress.


Attribute points can be scattered at your discretion, and you will be given 5 points for each new level. Be sure to take into account the combat characteristics of your hero in order to understand exactly how to distribute them.


Let’s take a look at all the characteristics of the characters in Diablo 4:


  • Strength is the main defensive stat that increases armor per point and is often a significant requirement for equipping various equipment.


  • Dexterity is a parameter that affects the rate of dodge from enemy attacks of the physical and magical type. More effective for melee fighters and dodgers – warriors and demon hunters.


  • Intelligence is another parameter that enhances the offensive potential of all magic classes, and at the same time gives all other heroes increased protection against all types of elements.


  • Willpower is a parameter that allows you to increase the received healing and damage when gaining superiority over the enemy.


Let’s start pumping


You will appear in the initial village with a minimum set of equipment and you will have to go to the combat zone in order to start killing monsters, get the first equipment and go to develop your success.


The first stage will be the most difficult, because the battles will be difficult due to the lack of levels and equipment to quickly kill monsters, and only gradually will you build up your attacking potential.


You can simplify this fragment for yourself and go through the most difficult stage with outside help.


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Don’t ignore the dungeons


In the world of Diablo 4 you will find many dungeons, which are areas full of monsters and good sources for gaining experience and equipment.


There will be a lot of monsters and not all of them can be immediately detected, so move carefully and evaluate your health for maneuvers and avoid unnecessary deaths.


Often, dungeons are divided into two types:


  1. They are just a dead end zone that needs to be completely cleared in order to be able to knock out valuable items and get to the chest, in which the probability of a good reward is higher than from ordinary monsters.


  1. Intermediate, or walk-through – such dungeons are needed as a corridor from one location to another, but often it is in such zones that it is easy to get lost and get out of the wrong place. In any case, even if you make a mistake, you just need to clear every room and point until you get outside.


Get the most out of every act


According to a good tradition, the general plot of Diablo is based on acts – a series of locations and tasks that must be completed in order to gain access to the next stage. Often the act ends with the killing of a certain boss to move on to the next stage.


Each next act will be more difficult than the previous one, and even though the quality of the equipment that you can get increases with them, it’s still better to stay longer to get really valuable weapons.


When you complete the game, you will be re-passed at the next level of difficulty and so on three times.


The last level of difficulty will be extremely difficult due to the huge number of resistances, and sometimes the complete invulnerability of monsters and bosses to a certain type of attack, which are selected randomly.


Replay and re-farm


Remember that you can farm any location and boss again simply by re-entering the game – this is an excellent method of knocking out good items from the final bosses of the act, or local leaders, but remember that in addition to bosses, all surrounding monsters also receive respawn, so choose the most optimal and closest location so that the whole process does not take much time, otherwise it is easier to go through Diablo 4 further.


Get a horse


Mounting is provided in Diablo 4 – you need to complete the first three acts and complete the task in the Cathedral of Light and as a reward you will receive your first horse.


You can’t pump an animal, but you can give it a unique look.


The horse will help you quickly run through locations with monsters that you do not want to farm for your own objective reasons, and will simply noticeably speed up your movement.


Remember to repair equipment and weapons


In Diablo 4, everything is subject to wear and tear. If an item loses all of its durability, it will not disappear, but will become unusable and will be moved to inventory until you repair it.


It is advisable to check the status of equipment before farming, so as not to be left without anything at the most crucial moment. It is also advisable to have a couple of spare items in case of unforeseen situations.


Death greatly damages any equipment and weapons – remember this.


You can repair all equipment at a blacksmith in any city for gold coins.


Keep potions handy


There are a lot of different monsters and bosses in Diablo 4 that have their own special type of attack, which is sometimes difficult to predict, and you need not only to have health and mana potions with you, but also to be able to use them quickly.


For example, a monster can approach you point-blank and explode, which can lead to instant death, or leaving a minimum amount of health, then you need to immediately use the potion so that its allies do not finish you off with the next blow.


In the future, you will learn to distinguish each monster and apply different battle tactics to repel the threat, but in the beginning you should be as careful and prudent as possible.

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