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The shameful Woke silence over Dana Rivers

In a truly awful case, Dana Rivers, a male killer, was sentenced to life without parole for brutally murdering a lesbian couple and their son. Despite the depravity of the crime, Rivers, who now identifies as a woman, was sent to a women-only prison. Jo Bartosch, in Spiked, points out that the silence from LGBTQ+ organizations and the media’s refusal to address this case is as dangerous as it is disturbing.

In 2016, Dana Rivers, a once-feted campaigner for ‘trans rights’, brutally murdered a middle-aged lesbian couple and their teenage son in Oakland, California. Last week, after years in custody and countless legal delays, Rivers (formerly known as David Chester Warfield) was finally sentenced to life without parole. And then came a particularly grim twist. This male killer of two women was sent to a women-only prison to live out his days.

If anything captures the dangerous grip gender ideology now has over American public life it is surely this: a man who murdered a lesbian couple being sent to a women-only jail. And what makes it worse is that the Rivers trial has almost been completely ignored by the wider media, activists and politicians.

This was a particularly gruesome case. Prosecutors say Rivers used a handgun, equipped with a silencer, to shoot Charlotte Reed, Patricia Wright and their son, Benny Diambu-Wright. He then stabbed Reed 47 times before setting the family’s garage on fire in an attempt to cover his tracks. The killings were said to be motivated by Reed’s departure from an ‘all-female’ biker gang. Rivers was reportedly the gang’s enforcer.

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