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Japan experiences super excess mortality after fake vaccination

In March 2023, Joel Smally wrote a scathing attack on Japanese Covidians for not recognising the elephant in the room:  the “super excess” mortality post-vaccination campaigns.  Yesterday he provided an update on Japanese data to reveal that the trend continues.

In March, I said: “Season 2023, which captures the second round of boosters, is not yet complete but from early showing, it will easily eclipse 2022.”

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Unfortunately, I was right (as usual).

They keep lining up for more Deathshots™. They keep on dying a few weeks later. Instead of shots, maybe they should start joining the dots.

Here’s the super “vaccination” campaign, courtesy of Our World in Data:

Note the latest booster campaign starting mid-Oct 2022.

And, sure as eggs are eggs, a couple of months later, Japan suffers what I called “super excess” mortality, mortality that exceeds the upper bound of expectations, really rare events – before 2021 at any rate.

Read more: Japan experiences super excess mortality after fake vaccination

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