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The Wokest Ever Glastonbury

This year’s Glastonbury festival is one of the wokest ever, as Gen Zers shun the usual warm-up DJ sets and bands and bands for debate panels featuring Leftie speakers, a string of MPs and Just Stop Oil – after starting the day with artisan coffees, organised runs and Joe Wicks workout classes. The Mail has the story.

As the sun rose above Worthy Farm, hundreds of people were seen taking part in organised runs or a 30-minute workout session, led live by exercise guru Joe Wicks, instead of heading straight for the stages or alcohol tents.

Health conscious Gen Zers were also seen shaking up the festivities with cold outdoor showers, stretches and even a group jog.

The organised run, which saw around 200 people take part, stretched for around 5km as joggers pounded through the fields while others (millennials) slept off their hangovers.

And then rather than the customary ‘baby wipe’ bath, young people could be seen having showers near their tents, to ensure they feel and look fresh for the day.

Gen Z attendees – known for their health conscious lifestyles including drinking less booze than their millennial counterparts – didn’t head straight for the beers either.

The longest queues by far [Friday] morning were for artisan coffee, as ticket holders made the most of the dry weather – which is expected to peak at 25°C – and got up early.

Crowds then gathered for Joe Wicks’ Glastonbury workout this morning – a 30 minute HIIT exercise class.

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