Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 June 2023

What is normal anymore? Canada is killing its own citizens – Gareth Icke Tonight Talks To Brett Schmidt

In this gripping episode, Gareth welcomes Alex Kelly to the studio as she opens up about the devastating loss of her mother due to the vaccine. With her unwavering determination, Alex has taken her mother’s case to an inquest, where the pathologist confirmed the vaccine’s role. Now, she fights for justice on behalf of other vaccine-injured individuals and those who have experienced loss.

Prepare to be moved as Brett Schmidt shares his harrowing tale of battling a debilitating illness, only to be offered euthanasia by supposed Canadian medical experts. Struggling and with nowhere else to turn, Brett finds himself in an unimaginable situation.

Joining the conversation is former professional footballer Rickie Lambert, who shares his transformative journey of awakening. Rickie is determined to use his platform to speak out and inspire others within the football world to do the same.

Jerry Sargeant, the founder of Star Magic Healing, engages in a conversation with Gareth about his own life-altering negative experience and the profound changes it brought about within him. Now walking a positive path, Jerry illuminates the incredible benefits of frequency healing.

Watch the full show at now.


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