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Press Secretaries Walk Out Of Briefing After Reporters Flood Them With Biden Crime Family Questions – the net is closing

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) and National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby both appeared unable to handle reporters asking about Joe Biden’s connections to his crackhead son Hunter’s crooked business deals.

Newsmax reporter James Rosen questioned Kirby about a 2017 Hunter Biden WhatsApp text revealed Thursday by the House Ways and Means Committee as part of an IRS whistleblower testimony explaining how the Biden administration prevented investigations into Hunter.

In the text message, Hunter told a Chinese oligarch he was “sitting next to” his father Joe while discussing an “unfulfilled commitment” by the foreign national, which directly contradicts Joe Biden’s claims of never even discussing Hunter’s business deals.

Describing Kirby’s tantrum, the RNC Research Twitter page wrote, “Chaos ensues in the White House briefing room after @JamesRosenTV asks Biden spokesman John Kirby about the explosive whistleblower allegations in the Hunter Biden criminal investigation. Kirby refuses to comment and walks out of the room.”

Rosen asked Kirby about the documents, wondering if they “Undermine the president’s claim during the 2020 campaign and the reaffirmations of that claim by his two press secretaries since then that he never once discussed his son’s overseas business dealings with him?”

Kirby simply responded, “No,” and said he would not “comment further” before hastily exiting the room.

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