Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 June 2023

Oh – they’re using Fahrenheit again (sounds more scary): ‘New heatwave to roast Britain – charts turn black in 92F blast.’ Wow, oh no. Ahhhh! 15-minute cities, I say

Weather maps have turned a radioactive orange and black ahead of the weekend as forecasters anticipate sweltering temperatures above 30C. The Met Office has triggered health alerts for much of the UK and has warned Britons to take care as the scorching heat looms. While the agency has predicted that temperatures could crack official heatwave parameters, the uncomfortable highs may not last long.

In its latest update, the forecasters said that central and southern England could become the first regions to experience an official heatwave this year.

Chris Almond, the Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, said that, after Thursday’s widespread thundery, wet weather, the country would transition to a “more typical weather pattern” over the weekend.

Mr Almond said Saturday would hit the high 20C range, remaining largely pleasant.

Brian Gaze, chief forecaster and founder of The Weather Outlook said temperatures could rise to 28C.

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