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Dear Climate Gremlin: We are still here

Yesterday five years ago, Greta Thunberg predicted climate change would “wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”  We didn’t stop using fossil fuels and we have not been “wiped out.”  So, users took to Twitter to celebrate, or otherwise, Greta Thunberg Day.

“Tomorrow all of humanity will be wiped out, according to Greta Thunberg,” Dr. Eli David tweeted out his warning the night before the end of Thunberg’s world.  But he was not the first to alert the world, David’s tweet was the day after Matt le Tissier’s tweet: “The countdown is on. See you on the other side folks!”

So their readers had time to prepare, Western Standard also gave an early warning: “DOOMSDAY: Five years ago, Greta Thunberg said the world would end Wednesday.”

Alan woke up to the calamity on the day: “I seem to remember today was the day the world was going to end according to Greta.  Well, if it’s going to happen, now would be a really good time, so I don’t have to pay my dentist bill.”

Trumplicans2024 tweeted: “Hey Greta, could I get an exact time for the ‘wiping out of humanity’ today …  I got things to do and need to plan the rest of the day …” Thunberg didn’t respond.

However, Martin Daubney knew the exact time: “Enjoy your final minutes, because, according to Greta Thunberg and her ‘top climate scientist’ humanity will be ‘wiped out’ at 11.18 am today, because we didn’t stop using fossil fuels five years ago …”

Sandy Tregent tweeted: “Well, I got to the seal sanctuary today, and the beach, and Helford River. Thought I’d cram it all in before the world ends like little Greta predicted.”

“To be fair to Greta,” Toby Young tweeted, “she doesn’t claim this is our last day on earth. Only that it will be too late as of tomorrow to do anything about the climate apocalypse because we haven’t stopped using fossil fuels. But something tells me the ‘point of no return’ will be pushed forward, as it always is.”

Catturd tweeted: “I’m sorry to say – all humanity has been wiped out today according to Greta Weirdo. But at least the climate cult keeps their perfect record of ZERO predictions coming true ever.”

Walkabout set the record straight just in case there was any doubt: “I’m still here Greta.”  Meanwhile, Liz Churchill explained how Thunberg could have got it so wrong: “That stupid WEF child … Greta Thunberg … was paid 5 years ago to say we would all be dead today. Lol.”

Armstrong Economics provided insight on some other climate change spending: “Climate change has become the ultimate tool for governments to funnel money.”

Jedi 2 showed some sympathy: “I feel sorry for the Climate Gremlin, but unfortunately her comments about the world ending today if we didn’t stop using fossil fuels, didn’t come true! If it makes her feel better, none of the other predictions have ever come true either!”

Paul Golding had some advice: “Time you got a boyfriend Greta and stopped peddling doom and gloom.”

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