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Why Biological Men Are Entering Women’s Prisons Across America

Biological men are transferring into female prisons across America by claiming themselves to be women—a situation arising as a result of the Biden administration trying to “change the definition of woman,” according to Libby Emmons, editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial.

In an April 15 interview with Jan Jekielek on the “American Thought Leaders” program, Emmons pointed out that there are male prisoners who decide they’re women after being locked up and then seek entry into women’s prisons. “That happens a lot, as it turns out. I don’t think those men are doing anything other than trying to get a better housing situation for their time in lockup, really.” Many of the men who are put in female prisons “are violent, and many of these men have committed crimes against women.”

There are multiple benefits for men wanting to enter women’s prisons. “They find themselves then surrounded by women in prisons that are remarkably less secure and locked down than the male prisons are.”

Even though women’s prison might technically be “maximum security,” it differs massively from men’s, Emmons pointed out. “A women’s maximum security prison is more like a man’s medium security prison. You get a lot more benefits and freedoms, such as they are, than you would in a male prison.”

Emmons blamed the Biden administration and “changes in law and in the definition of words” for the situation. “President Biden has been working really hard with his team to change the definition of woman to be anyone who identifies as a woman,” she said.

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