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Morocco will Introduce Digital IDs into Health Services

Moroccans will soon be able to use their digital identity for accessing health services after government representatives signed an agreement that allows hospitals and other medical institutions to verify the identity of patients through the scheme.

The deal was signed on Friday between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP) and the General Directorate for National Security, Middle East Online reports.

Moroccan citizens can choose to include some of their health data in the electronic chip of the national identity card, including patient number, social protection number and other health data.

In April, the digital ID system was also introduced into the financial court system of Morocco.

The country’s eID system was launched in 2019 by the Digital Development Agency (ADD) and the Directorate of National Security (DGSN) on a platform provided by Idemia. The MOSIP-based digital ID system was introduced to the wider public last year during ID4Africa.

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