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Former Cast Member of MTV’s ‘TRANSformation’ Details How Gender Transition Ruined Her Life

A young girl whose transgender journey was highlighted on MTV’s “Transformation” documentary has released a video expressing her regrets about her transition.

The 2016 mini-documentary reportedly made “Milo,” at the time 16, a poster child of the transgender movement which at the time was still relatively new in society.

Now, 7 years after filming, Milo says her gender transition “turned out to be a big mistake.”

“I keep thinking about how, if I ever want to be perceived by society as a woman, I now have to do vocal training, and I need laser to get rid of my facial hair. But I’m just so tired,” she said in a video recently posted to YouTube


Amid the show Milo had begun taking testosterone and changing her sex on official forms, saying, “I cannot imagine living my life as female,” and that she felt “invincible.”

At the time she claimed she got an “amazing feeling of relief…thinking that [I] never have to do anything feminine again for the rest of my life.”

Following the documentary, Milo received “top surgery” removing her C-cup breasts.

She also received a hysterectomy, removing part of her uterus, after testosterone treatments began to atrophy her vagina, and later lost an ovary after it twisted and ruptured.

“I kind of just didn’t care about my reproductive organs,” Milo admitted in the latest video.

“In my head, I thought: ‘I don’t need these organs because I’m a man,’” she added.

Seven years later, Milo says she’s “ashamed” of and “can’t bear to watch” her appearance in the MTV documentary, and has stopped taking testosterone.

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