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Big Pharma Whistleblower Suspended By Musk’s Twitter For Exposing US Military’s Involvement In ‘Covid’ Jabs

Former pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova talked with The Epoch Times this week for an epic discussion about her research into the dangerous Covid jabs and how the U.S. military was involved in the creation and distribution of the shots.

After several of Latypova’s recent interviews went viral online, Twitter suspended her account Wednesday.

Speaking with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times, Latypova explained she previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry and had retired before Covid started.

However, during the pandemic, Latypova became suspicious of the medical establishment’s attacks and lies about the drug hydroxychloroquine, which she knew to be safe.

Next, the Big Pharma whistleblower began “questioning the whole thing” when it came to Covid and did a deep dive into the background of the mRNA shots being presented as the way out of the pandemic.

Latypova, who was born in Ukraine and moved to America for college, said she was deeply involved in clinical trials during her time in the pharmaceutical industry, even working as a contractor for Pfizer.

This familiarity helped her dig through troves of Covid vaccine-related data such as the CDC’s VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] database.

The former pharma executive also looked at UK and European vaccine injury data, saying, “They all started showing huge numbers of adverse events and deaths right away. The government was denying that those were associated, denying that they were happening, and they continue denying to this day.”

Regarding VAERS, Latypova said, “The first immediate finding was that the total volume of adverse events and deaths was 10 times and more higher than all the previous vaccine products combined. The database is very old, and I think it started in the nineties. It has reports for about 100 different vaccine products from hundreds of manufacturers. You have a very rich data set, and you see that historically, the level is here. Then, 2021 comes along and it’s like this. Of course, it’s a signal, and it’s undeniable. There’s a signal, it’s a pattern, and it needs to be investigated. But no investigation ever happened.”

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