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US and China ‘Drifting Into War’: Former Joint Chiefs Chairman

The United States is drifting into a war with China’s communist regime that could upend the global order and shatter economies around the world, according to two former military leaders.

A potential conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan would result in global catastrophe but is nevertheless becoming an increasingly likely scenario, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mike Mullen says.

“I’m worried that we’re just drifting into war,” Mullen said during a June 20 talk with the Council on Foreign Relations think tank. “[Taiwan] is an island that is at the center of four of the five top economies in the world.”

Mullen said that U.S. efforts to deter an escalation toward conflict in the Taiwan Strait has been “failing over many years.”

Moreover, he said, given that Taiwan manufactures 90 percent of the world’s advanced semiconductors, which are used in everything from pickup trucks to hypersonic missiles, a conflict for the island would “devastate the globe.”

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