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If you want confirmation of schoolroom fascism and the scale of imbecile, sorry ‘teacher’, indoctrinating the young – here you go

Another video filmed by a student has gone viral showing a teacher attempting to lecture them about having the ‘wrong opinion’ on gender and biology.

The footage, posted by conservative action group Turning Point UK, shows an aggravated teacher explaining to a student in Scotland why he has been removed from the classroom, for expressing his opinion that there are only two genders.

In the exchange, the student holds firm demanding to know why he can’t express his opinion, despite it being scientifically sound.

The teacher tells the student that “this is an inclusive school,” and that it is his opinion that there are “more than two genders in this country,” adding “that is an opinion which is acceptable.”

“You are choosing to make an issue of this,” the teacher continues, adding that the student “had an opportunity to keep quiet.”

When the student tells the teacher “I think it’s silly to have any more than two genders,” the teacher responds, “could you please keep that opinion to your own house.”

“So you get to put your opinion out in class and mine has to stay in my house?” the student fires back, drawing a telling confession from the teacher who responds “I am not putting my opinion out, I am stating what is national school authority policy, OK?”

“The authority’s point of view is very clear,” the teacher further asserts, adding “that we make no discrimination…”

“You’re making bad choices,” the teacher tells the student.

The footage comes in the wake of a video released a few days earlier of a similar exchange between students and a teacher at a school in England showing the teacher scolding the girls as ‘transphobic’ for questioning the sanity of allowing fellow students to identify as animals.

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