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Former CDC scientist says mRNA fake vaccines are gene therapy and are not new – ‘It shouldn’t be in the body of humans at all’

Dr. Pieniążek is a specialist in the field of molecular biology with particular emphasis on diagnostic PCR tests of all kinds, virology, and epidemiology, as well as related aspects of public health, such as masks, surface decontamination, and others. He also has knowledge in the field of immunology and vaccines. He worked at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) in Atlanta as head of a laboratory of reference molecular diagnostics for 24 years until he retired in 2013.

During the last hundred years, there have been many projects to create biological weapons but they have all failed, Dr. Pieniążek said. So, what was the covid pandemic? Dr. Pieniążek explained by describing what he called the “pillars” that propped up the “pandemic.”

The first pillar is the name of the virus SARS-CoV-2. It is a name designed to cause panic. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (“SARS”) is a disease with high mortality. If it were that deadly, all the people on the Diamond Princess, for example, would have died, Dr. Pieniążek said.

The Diamond Princess is a British-registered luxury cruise ship. On 20 January the cruise ship set sail after which cases of covid-19 were detected on board. From 1 February, the vessel was quarantined off Japan for two weeks. By 1 March all passengers and crew members had disembarked from the ship. Out of the 3,711 people on board, it was reported that 9 passengers died from the virus, all of them older passengers.

The second pillar is the PCR tests. “Testing viruses on a nasal swab tells us more about how polluted the air we breathe is than about the aetiology (cause) of the infection,” Dr. Pieniążek said.

The third pillar is the predictive models developed by Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London. “Neil Ferguson goes with these terrible death charts to the then British Prime Minister – Mr. Boris Johnson. Boris kicks him out of his office, so our ‘modeller’ goes straight to the BBC and says in a dramatic interview that the Prime Minister has just decided to murder millions of Britons. The media catches such a sensation, raises the heat, and the prime minister gives up. Media, not science,” he said.

The fourth pillar is research. Dr. Pieniążek feels we should reject all science papers published after March 2020. “This is not my thesis,” he said, “but Prof. Roman Zieliński’s. He believes that all this ‘research’ is neo-Lysenkoism. They are so fake.”

In May 2020, for example, two papers appeared in top medical publications proving that hydroxychloroquine (which Trump took to treat his respiratory infection) causes heart damage.

Because of my profession, I have worked a lot with people dealing with malaria, and hydroxychloroquine is the primary drug used for malaria by billions of people in tropical areas. Was this an important discovery? After all, billions would have died of heart disease long ago if that were true. Someone somewhere would notice that long ago.

After two weeks, the publishers recalled these papers; however, the media did not provide this information even more than a year later. The fight against covid drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and amantadine paved the way for adopting vaccines without proper testing under the Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”). One of the three conditions for vaccines to be approved exceptionally quickly by granting a EUA is that there is no cure for the disease targeted by the vaccine.

There seems to have been a period up to May 2020 when there was still a discussion. Then there were only publications by neo-Lysenkoism followers, exceptionally far from evidence-based medicine. But on the other hand, the media blocked voices other than the established choir. And the lack of discussion blocks the circulation of knowledge and, thus, the development of science.

24-year CDC lab director blows the whistle on the ‘pandemic,’ a hysteria driven by junk science, The Dossier, 20 June 2023
The fifth pillar is vaccines. Dr. Pieniążek said that work began on vaccines using genetic engineering in the 1970s. “Using genetic engineering, scientists could make viral proteins (antigens) in the lab in bacterial or other cultures. Such vaccines have been around for a long time; they’re called subunit vaccines.” The current mRNA vaccines are not new. In the 1980s researchers explored this mRNA technique, he said. Adding:

In 2019, the final meta-analysis was published, i.e., a summary of all studies with mRNA vaccines. Regulatory authorities rejected the use of such vaccines in humans and animals. Starting in the Summer of 2020, snake-oil pushers immediately started saying it was the same technology used in polio and smallpox vaccines, that it works great, so why not for covid?

The distortion is that respiratory viruses have a different strategy than measles or smallpox. The respiratory viruses are seasonal, and they return each year after mutating. Vaccination against such viruses (for now) is fiction. For example, vaccines against the influenza virus are effective in only about 2.8 per cent of healthy young people and the elderly – zero.

The problem is that vaccines based on mRNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles have one serious flaw. This mRNA vaccine spreads throughout the body. It has been found in various organs: the sexual organs, the brain, the kidneys, and the heart. As a result, the body treats it not as an infection of the deltoid muscle but of the whole body. Our immune system fights the imaginary pathogen by destroying the infected cells, i.e., cells transformed by the vaccine with unpredictable results … They are gene therapies because they perform the genetic transformation of the cells they enter … It shouldn’t be in the body of humans at all.

24-year CDC lab director blows the whistle on the ‘pandemic,’ a hysteria driven by junk science, The Dossier, 20 June 2023
Dr. Pieniążek blames lying and corrupt scientists for the use of the covid injections on the public and the excess deaths caused by recommended procedures. “They provided wrong advice to the government, causing over 200,000 excess deaths in Poland. Moreover, these excess deaths in Poland happened by recommended procedures that have nothing to do with science,” he said. “I do not blame the politicians.”

“You may know that scientists will write nonsense for money. The media will hype any idiocy. So, we will repeat the covid path over and over.”

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