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Best Ways To Download Video From Any Website & Enjoy Them In Offline Mode

Summary: Whether commuting to work or trying to kill time, watching videos can be your ultimate companion. From clips of a baby trying to walk for the first time to prank videos, the internet is filled with countless options that can help you have a good time. Read about our expert recommendations to download video from any website.


Introduction –


Remember to download your favorite videos the next time you plan a vacation. You might need internet connectivity on the exotic tropical island you want to visit. It’s advisable to bank on the tools listed below to download video from any website. 


The Internet has an extensive collection of funny, educational, romantic, and more videos. Even if a website hosting such videos doesn’t allow download, you can resort to our contenders for saving them on your device and enjoying them even with limited internet connectivity. 


Best overall tool to download video from any website – StreamFab Video Downloader 


If you don’t mind paying extra bucks to get a quality product, try the StreamFab Video Downloader. This can offer a comprehensive solution to all your downloading woes with support extended to 42 websites, including Netflix, Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more. 


Please scroll below to learn about its standout features and how to download video from any website using this tool.




  • Downloading videos becomes easy courtesy of its built-in browser.
  • Videos can be downloaded with EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 sound channels.
  • Users can choose video quality up to 8K.
  • For seamless playback on all devices, you can save videos in MP4 formats. 
  • Subtitle language and audio can be pre-selected to be consistent with your chosen UI language.
  • It supports the auto-download of newly released episodes according to set schedules.
  • Free trial to unlock Amazon Prime video download function, 


Steps to download video from any website using StreamFab Downloader


Step 1: Install StreamFab 


The first step involves downloading and installing StreamFab on your device.


Step 2: Choose the content


Select the streaming site from the Explorer section. The video links appearing on the homepage can also be copied and pasted. Doing this shall redirect you to the website.


Step 3: Make adjustments


A popup window will appear with different audio/video output options.


Step 4: Start the download


Initiate the process by clicking the Download button.


Best online tool to download video from any website –


A stable connection is all it takes for the tools to work their magic. This option best suits users who wish to refrain from proceeding with bulky software downloads, which might strain their limited software resources. With an array of online downloaders plying the market, you might feel spoilt for choice selecting the one that will serve you best. Our researchers have browsed through different online downloaders’ features and usability and shown the green signal to for offering the most holistic services.




  • You can download HD files from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook.
  • Supports converting video files to different extensions such as AAC, MP3, FLAC, and OGG.
  • You can select video quality like 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4k.
  • Dual language options of English and French are available to access the website. 
  • Users can take their pick amongst only video or audio downloads.
  • It offers a browser extension that can help with faster downloads.


You will be greeted with a clutter-free interface when navigating to the website. Given the self-explanatory setup, users won’t face any difficulty while trying to download video from any website. But for further guidance, we have listed the steps below:


Steps to download video from any website using


Step 1: Paste the URL


Once you have decided on the video you wish to download, copy its link and paste it into the textbox.


Step 2: Manually search videos


You can type in a keyword to manually search for the video if you don’t already have the video link.


Step 3: Choose from the options


You will receive the available video links in various formats when clicking the Catch button.


Step 4: Download


Choose the link you wish to proceed with and hit the Download button. 


Limitations – An Online downloader might seem like the best way out for your video downloading needs. But the reality is comparatively different, as online tools can lure malware into your system. 


The download links aren’t always safe and might download spyware into your device. Users have also complained about getting redirected to other portals while trying to download videos. You cannot use this tool to download Netflix shows.


Best browser extension to download video from any website – Video DownloadHelper


If you are wary of malicious software finding its way to your system with online tools, a browser extension can be your next best bet. You can bank on this free Chrome and Firefox extension to download videos from any website you visit. 




  • It supports smart naming of video files so that you don’t have to try to rename them manually.
  • The interface is highly customizable.
  • Videos on the Web Page you are visiting can be saved to the local disk of your system.
  • Videos that have already been downloaded or are in the process of getting downloaded can be converted to any format. 
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.
  • Scans the videos on any website you are visiting and lists them for being downloaded.
  • It also supports aggregation and conversion of videos apart from downloading.
  • Videos can be downloaded in the default format or other options like 3GP.
  • Users can download videos in resolutions ranging up to 1080p for a stellar experience.

Steps to download video from any website using Video DownloadHelper


Step1: Download the extension


The first step comprises downloading and installing the extension on your device.


Step 2: Choose the video file


Navigate to the website carrying the video you want to download. You can select the puzzle icon at the upper right side of the window and wait for the browser extension to detect the videos on the webpage automatically. In addition, you can check the videos available for download appearing on a popup icon.


Step 3: Download the videos


For locally saving the videos, click on the Download key. You will be intimated about the download’s completion level from a popup window. 


Limitations – A browser extension can help circumvent the apparent problem with malware. But it cannot promise high-quality results. Also, the option for file formats is minimal with the browser extensions. In such a backdrop, StreamFab, the streaming video downloader shall be the prevail choice.




We hope our today’s discussion has cleared all your doubts regarding how to download video from any website. It’s essential to be wary of copyright laws while downloading content and not use them for commercial purposes. Doing otherwise can land you in a legal soup. 

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