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The Tidal Wave About to Hit Schools

I left teaching due to serious health issues, compounded by disgust at the blatant disregard for safeguarding and impartiality rules. The issue came to a focus when I was threatened with disciplinary action for saying men and women are biologically different and highlighting how wrong it was for teachers to claim otherwise.

For years I’d been fighting the open indoctrination of Left-liberal views in the classroom. No attempt is made by most teachers to show even a scintilla of even-handedness, with open competition to show who can be most ‘anti-Tory’ and ‘progressive’. Not to mention the blatantly absurd preaching of climate catastrophism.

I was happy to teach, fighting this, feeling that at least the environment wasn’t openly dangerous to pupils. But the trans movement and its activist targeting of schools changed all that – assisted by a recent cadre of woke teachers, incapable of independent thought and hostile to free speech.

To be fair, I had many decent and professional colleagues. I remember warning our excellent head when I left how there was a scandal ongoing in schools which would break very soon.

It’s broken. A teacher in Sussex is on record bullying two Year 8 pupils for disagreeing that a classmate could identify as a cat, simply by saying she is. The teacher claims they’re denying said Moggy’s identity!

She then describes one girl as “despicable” for believing that her own birth sex and gender are equivalent – and tells her to leave the school. The exchange is a disgrace and this woman shouldn’t be allowed in a classroom again. Doubtless she won’t even face censure.

Those marvellous girls are models of what pupils should be. It’s no surprise to hear the fear in the teacher’s voice. She’s incapable of dealing with their quiet dignity, resorting to bullying and personal insults, including of their parents.

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