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New Guidance: Schools Will be Banned From Letting Children Transition Without Parents’ Consent

In new guidance due to be issued by the Government today, schools in England will be told that if a child tells a teacher they are trans or gender non-conforming, the school must inform the parents and the school cannot start calling them by different pronouns or allow them to wear a different school uniform without their parents’ consent. In addition, children who want to be called by another pronoun won’t be able to take part in competitive sport and teachers and students won’t have to call them by their preferred pronouns if they don’t want to. At this point, the new guidance is just in draft, with a consultation expected to take place over the remaining weeks of the summer term and the guidance coming into force later this year. Expect a lot of push back from the woke lobby. The Sun has more.

The Prime Minister has also expressed huge concerns over the content of sex education being taught to some pupils, where teachers are refusing to hand over the curriculum to worried parents.

In a move which will be seen as the PM taking on militant trans campaigners, teachers will be forced to tell parents their child is questioning their gender — even if the child objects.

The new guidance is set to spark a fiery backlash from the trans lobby and other campaigners, who will argue it is up to the children themselves to tell their parents if they want to change gender.

Under the new plans, heads in England will be told that parents must always be consulted if a child wants to be called another name, or wear a different gender uniform.

And the school will not be able to use the child’s new preferred pronouns until parents give consent.

Teachers will be ordered not to recognise a transition within the school gates if the parents do not agree with it.

And neither students nor teachers will have to call another pupil by their preferred pronouns if they do not want to.

Even if parents do give the move the green light, heads must also consider the mental effects on other children before approving the gender change, following a long period of consideration.

Schools will be ordered to take a “precautionary” approach to transitioning kids and will be urged to keep an eye on them at the first instance.

But critics have warned the new rules may put kids at risk of harm.

Teaching unions say they are dealing with a “minefield” around issues of gender, while trying not to offend anyone.

But the new rules will say that if there is a “significant safeguarding issue” where kids may be put at harm, schools must always act to protect them.

The PM will also insist that sport should be protected for children in the name of safety and to keep it fair.

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