Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 June 2023

African Migrant Attacks French Grandmother and Granddaughter in Shocking Video

Video out of Bordeaux, France, shows the shocking moments an African migrant violently attacked a grandmother and her young granddaughter in broad daylight.

A Nest surveillance camera filmed the male migrant approaching the two females as they were about to head out of a building.

The grandma and granddaughter tried to retreat back into the building as the migrant, who appeared to be homeless, stuck one foot in the doorway before reaching into the building, grabbing the two females and throwing them both outside and onto the sidewalk.

The migrant then appeared to try to make off with the young girl, before she’s able to run back to her injured grandmother.

The migrant fled after his failed kidnapping attempt, perhaps sensing there were too many witnesses to his actions.

One man who posted the video said it “shows how quickly everything can change,” and added, “Daily life in France is a nightmare.”

Another Twitter account that posted the video, @InfosBordeaux, claimed the attack happened on June 19, and that the attacker was arrested and well known to police.

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