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5 best Future Cryptocurrency tokens to buy

In the cryptocurrency market, each trader is in search of the next cryptocurrency that will explode. Many cryptocurrency projects have various features. So you may be confused about the one you should select. So we will suggest the 5 best future cryptos based on their market cap and their prospects. 


Best future cryptocurrencies to buy this year

Here is an overview of the top-rated future crypto that you can buy in 2023 and beyond. The following projects belong to various DeFi sectors such as the DEX industry, metaverse gaming, blockchain development, means of exchanges, and more. So you can choose cryptocurrencies from any field you find the most alluring. 



It is a meme-to-earn ecosystem. Here you will be able to spend $AI, the native token. By making use of some text prompts you can generate some quirky, relatable memes fit for providing you a high engagement level on social media. It aims at tackling the requirement for content in this cryptocurrency ecosystem. 


AI-driven technology of this project

As the whole community responds properly to memes, this project used it along with AI-driven technology for creating a community where the popularity of memes will let you generate some passive income. $AI tokens power this ecosystem with 1 trillion total supplies. It can be used to buy credits and further you can use it for generating memes. Currently, it is running its presale. It has raised over $100k within a week. 



It is an all-in-one AI ecosystem. It offers high-quality predictive tools that are created by industry-guiding quants and some AI developers to assist traders in the cryptocurrency space. It occurs via that bottleneck and gives one platform that will bridge that gap with its insights that are data-driven along with prediction marketplace and proven analytical metrics. 


Subscription model of this platform

Services on this platform follow a subscription model. The currency that you can use to buy these subscriptions will be YPRED. It is an ERC-20 asset that is built on the Polygon chain. Currently, this token is sold at a presale. Already around $400k has been raised. 



This new crypto project aims at changing the freelancing future. It is a freelancing platform. It brings the economy of gigs into the decentralized space of Web 3. It creates an ecosystem for freelancers offering better pay, and gigs along with fairness. 


Main pillars of this platform

The NFT marketplace, the metaverse, and the recruitment platform are the three main pillars that power this ecosystem. All features of this platform are well accessible if you use DLANCE tokens. This token comes with a 1 billion supply and is now available as a presale. It also has plans of portions of metaverse ownable via NFTs.



It is another upcoming crypto in 2023 that is very promising. TARO is its native token. It is used across the ecosystem of RobotEra to conduct transactions and interact with all other players. It is based to create, share, operate, trade, and explore the metaverse project. 


Benefits for every player

All players will get a chance of gathering materials from everywhere, and create and build some robot friends. Thus it gives RobotEra a proper community-like framework. TARO an ERC-20 utility token on the ETHER blockchain is at RobotEra’s heart. This token will get allocated to all investors via Pre-Sale, Team, Advisors, and Team.



Even after the ongoing slowdown in the crypto sector, meme coins are still capturing the attention of the community of investors. Tokens like WOJ and PEPE have already yielded huge returns this year. Now some investors have been looking forward to SpongeBob. The crypto pays homage to the famous SpongeBob SquarePants character. It has also delivered some great returns of more than 500% within its 24-hour launch. 


Listing of SPONGE

Its launch on 4th May on the Uniswap DEX was successful. Then it got listed on LBank, CoinW, and Toobit. Thus it generated huge momentum for crypto. Now priced at almost $0.0007, it saw a significant value increase since its early launch. It presents an attractive investment opportunity for investors looking for high returns in the coming days. SPONGE’s unique concept along with growth potential make it an appealing option for investors who want to diversify their portfolio and thus capitalise on meme coins’ increasing popularity. 


Few final words

The DeFi industry is moving at a high speed. So daily or every month a lot of projects are being launched. With so many future cryptos, it may look a bit difficult to get hold of which one is worth investing in. But if you are aware of ways of finding the best cryptocurrency projects, your research will be productive. Consider the above-mentioned cryptos and if you trade in cryptos then you need to visit to check the risk and rewards of dogecoin. 

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