Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 19 June 2023

Where Is the Silver Lining?

The last few years we have been groping in the dark, wading in despair, and clutching for the truth in an uncertain world. But we have been deceived. It is time for us to tear up the counter-narratives, it’s time to create communities of light, and reshape our lives with self-revelation, truth, and freedom. Today, we fight darkness with our eyes closed, our hands tied behind our back, and the curtains drawn. These are the conditions they have set for us. We are given our scripts, told what battles we need to fight, and where to put the last of our energy.

But we need to do more than fight; we need to live, and in living we see clearly, and the enemies of truth will wither and die, for we sustain them; we give them oxygen, we enable them to thrive in our own minds and in the world. The election of the next American President is far from the most critical event in our lives. Rather, we are the ones in our lives, in our relationships, who will bring about genuine change. Light not only shines in darkness, but the light also ends the darkness.

The legacy of the Covid response is unjust, but it is also a revelation, and a blessing. As revelation, it forced us to rethink the nature of freedom, our place in our nation, the clarity of our cause, and the obstacles to overcome. Our liberal, open society is fast vanishing in real time.

In a liberal, free society, an open debate on Covid-19 would be welcome, but those days are gone. Today, the state calls this self-revelation the path of a conspiracy theorist, social agitator, and domestic terrorist. The new terrorist is the person who holds a different and unacceptable worldview. In America, this rhetoric is now fully-grown.

This is fascism. The good thing about fascism is that it never worked and never will. It is a disease of the market system. It kills competition and emasculates freedom. Look at what fascism did to Spain and Portugal. Fascism is the last whimper of old empires. Enough said.

The Covid response was a catastrophe, a nightmare, and a disaster. It was a tsunami of corruption, nepotism, idiocy, criminality, fraud, deception, and suffering. It still is. But it was also a blessing because it brought clarity to millions, it reinvigorated the need for freedom, it reignited a desire to better our world and those around us, and it brought millions together, drawn from all walks of life, who now see with their eyes open. We are better for it.

Covid-19 revelation was significant because it hurt us. It brought personal pain. We have been roused from our slumber, our indolence, our laziness, our indifference, and our complacency. Covid Hysteria was a blessing because we suffered, and it became real. Watching your loved ones die alone behind masks and closed doors, losing your pension or job because you refused to take a dubious injection, and being demonised and cast out of churches because of your beliefs; these are violations of the most basic of human rights. This was suffering we have not experienced before. We trusted the wrong people for years. We thought that they were worthy of our trust, but we were wrong. Now we know.

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