Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 June 2023

Only idiots are still wearing face masks

The mainstream media has reported that face masks may raise the risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline due to the build-up of carbon dioxide.

They didn’t mention all the other problems proven to be associated with mask use.

Amazingly, there are still some very stupid doctors around who are wearing face masks all day long and who are telling patients and the public to wear face masks. I suspect that these doctors are still promoting the use of face masks because their brains have been adversely affected.

The UK Government has at last admitted that there is no evidence that masks stop any bugs spreading. And the fact is that anyone who has ever worn a mask because they thought it would keep them safe from covid was misled, lied to, falsely reassured and behaving irrationally. Many people in power continue to insist that people wear them and they do this to remind people that nothing is normal –nor ever will be.

We are entering the Great Reset and masks are there to remind us of our slavery. The greens don’t seem to care that more plastic is used to make the billions of masks than the plastic bags they hated so much. They don’t care about the birds and other wildlife being harmed by discarded masks.

Moreover, anyone who wears a mask today is suffering from a new disease which I have identified called chronic maskitis.

Sufferers from chronic maskitis still insist on wearing their masks whenever they are at risk of coming into contact with other human beings. They believe that their mask will help stop them inhaling a virus which may kill them.

Chronic maskitis sufferers will have almost certainly believed everything they’ve been told by their government, by the media and by the small army of media doctors forever repeating the officially inspired lies.

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