Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 June 2023

Notorious Grifting Marxist Bill de Blasio Hit With Record Fine For Abusing NYC Resources

Former New York Mayor, notorious socialist Bill de Blasio, was ordered to pay almost a half-million dollars by the city Conflicts of Interest Board for using taxpayer money for his security detail during his short-lived run for president in 2019, Bloomberg first reported.

De Blasio, who served two catastrophic terms through 2021 and like any good socialist, left NYC in a state of disrepeair and soaring crime, campaigned briefly as part of a presidential bid that saw him reach 1% in some polls before ultimately dropping out. During his travels, he used city funds to pay expenses for members of the New York Police Department who served as the security detail for his family, clearly enjoying the role of wannabe socialist dictator, and with just the right amount of popular support.

This racked up $319,794.20 in travel costs, including airfare, car rentals, hotel stays and meals, said the COIB, which ordered him to repay the costs. The board also fined the former mayor $155,000 for the misuse of resources, the largest fine in its history, according to a statement Thursday, which said de Blasio “disregarded the board’s advice.”

According to Bloomberg, de Blasio, 62, used city funds to pay the security details’ expenses despite receiving an explicit order from COIB on May 15, 2019, that such expenses weren’t allowed. The board told de Blasio that while the city could pay the costs of NYPD officers’ salaries and overtime while they were serving on the mayor’s detail, using city money to pay for the extra travel expenses for his presidential campaign constituted using “city resources for a non-city purpose.”

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