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Canadian wildfires started simultaneously in clusters (and other ‘climate’ news)

Making climate data look scary: The key to engendering a sense of crisis is to remove any sense of perspective. The first common trick to make small changes look large is to use variance measures instead of absolute ones.  The second is to manipulate the time frame. The “Climategate” scandal of data tampering was all about disappearing the “medieval warm period.”  A third trick is to use a data “splice” where recent data from one series, e.g., thermometers, is grafted into a set of proxy data such as from ice cores, sediment, etc. So perhaps take some of these claims with a grain of salt.  They are mostly chart-crime intended to alarm, not inform.  Read more HERE.

Geoengineering lawsuit gaining attention: On 18 April, Reinette Senum launched a Stop US Geoengineering Legal Fund crowdfunding campaign in preparation for a landmark lawsuit against the biggest geoengineering perpetrators on the planet. The suit is gaining steam.  Read more HERE.

ESG is a demoralised social credit system: ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Each pillar has nothing to do with the other, but they are bundled together to advance The Great Reset: GAE/WEF/CCP “private-public partnership” fascism.  According to ESG ratings, FTX had a higher score than Exxon, which had a higher score than Tesla. DEI is but a small billion-dollar subsidiary of the “S” in ESG, which in total is now a trillion-dollar industrial complex. “Sustainability” means higher costs, lower quality, and wealth transfer to leftist interests.  Read more HERE.

The Great Reset’s stealthy dance with destruction: A Lily Bit discusses the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as the next impetus for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan.  Part of this is the exploitation of the stringent sanctions against Russia, fast-tracking the transition towards “green” energy and underscoring the significance of decarbonisation in the “battle against climate change.” It would be narrow-minded to presume that the ultimate goal of The Great Reset is a fair distribution of “green” hydrogen and carbon-neutral synthetic fuels as alternatives to petrol and diesel.

Additionally, the food scarcities triggered by the war will serve as a significant windfall for the synthetic biology industry. The fusion of digital technologies with materials science and biology will dramatically revolutionise the agricultural sector, spurring global acceptance of plant-based and laboratory-cultivated alternatives. In this reshaped agricultural landscape, companies may no longer rely on traditional farming practices. Read more HERE.

Many recent Quebec and Alberta fires started simultaneously: Canadian wildfires at historic levels which Prime Minister Trudeau is claiming are due to climate change, however, when viewing satellite footage, we see that these fires were started simultaneously in clusters which indicates these so-called wildfires were in fact started by arsonists.  Read more HERE.  (Also see our article HERE which demonstrates wildfires were more extensive in the past.)

Read more: Canadian wildfires started simultaneously in clusters (and other ‘climate’ news)

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